Mamamia Live on Sky News: Show 3

It’s that time of the week again as Mamamia comes to you on Sky News (you can see episode one hereand episode two here)

We’ve pulled together a star line-up to see what people are really talking about. If you’re on Twitter you can join in the conversation using the hashtag #MMSky or you can jump into the comments below. It’s just like we normally do things: what do you think, do you agree, disagree?

It’s no fun if you don’t let us know. We’ll update the topics live as they’re discussed on air.

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the guests:

1. Deb Thomas

Deb is a magazine maven who’s staked her claim across the largest magazine publishing company in Australia – Australian Consolidated Press. Deborah has been at the helm of Australia’s biggest selling magazine, The Australian Women’s Weekly, for a decade and editing our most popular women’s magazines for over 18  years. In August 2010, she was appointed to the newly created role of General Manager of Media, Public Affairs and Brand Development across ACP’s portfolio of 70+ titles. She is also the corporate face of the company, hosting many of the magazines’ events and also speaking on behalf of the company as well representing ACP on a number of boards and charities. In 2010 and 2011 she was chosen to be the ambassador for the Heart Foundation’s Go Red for Women campaign to raise awareness of heart disease as the number one killer of Australian women.

2. Kristina Keneally

Kristina was the 42nd Premier of New South Wales and took Labor to the election this year where the Labor Party was defeated by the Liberal/National coalition led by Barry O’Farrell. American born, Ms Keneally was first elected to the state parliament in 2003 as the Member for Heffron where she continues as a local member today and backbencher in the Labor opposition.


3. Dr Rebecca Huntley

Dr Rebecca Huntley is a researcher and author with a background in publishing, academia and politics. She holds degrees in law and film studies and a PhD in Gender Studies. Rebecca is a Director of Ipsos Mackay research. She is the author of two books, The World According to Y: Inside the New Adult Generation and Eating Between the Lines: food and equality in Australia. Rebecca is a regular contributor to essay collections, magazines, newspapers and online publications and is a feature writer for Australian Vogue. Rebecca is married with young daughter and lives in Sydney. When she isn’t talking to Australians about their lives, she is working on her fiction and non-fiction projects, cooking and knitting.

Magazines and retouching: It goes on behind the scenes and you may not even know it.  Images are constantly being altered to present a new ‘reality’ of what perfection looks like. Except it doesn’t look like that at all.

The 8yo girl who receives botox injections: Her mother wants to get rid of the ‘creases’ and the ‘wrinkles’ and uses botox to get the job done. The girl has now been taken out of her mother’s custody. How young is too young?

Competitive pregnancy and photo-shopping away that after baby belly: It’s really come to this. After carrying a LIFE inside her for 9 months, magazines – and sometimes subjects – want to digitally chop off the after baby bump.

Atheism vs the World: Is atheism the new black? Religious instruction and ethics classes, and the chaplaincy program in schools. What’s the big deal?

Work in ‘The Third Place’: What happens when there is no longer an escape from work? Are you always ‘connected’?