Jobs, jobs, jobs: what was your first/best/worst?


For businesses that are looking to hire and people who are looking for a new job: now you can do it here at the Mamamia Jobs Board.

They say the best time to look for a new job is when you’re happy in your current one. Or unhappy. Which probably describes how some of these celebrities felt when:

Brad Pitt wore a chicken costume to sell coupons for a fast food company.

Ellen DeGeneres worked in a glove factory.

Vince Vaughan was a telemarketer.

We’ve all been there, done that. Worked in jobs that were odd, amazing, awful, terrible, tumultuous. It’s had us all thinking about how many jobs we’ve had. The Good The Bad and the Get Me Outta Here. As we celebrate today’s  launch of Mamamia Jobs, the idea of employment has been on our minds an awful lot.

It’s funny because I actually got my Mamamia job through Twitter (believe it or not) and am eternally thankful that Mia didn’t think I was some truck driver with several cats in Queensland.

So here we are, bringing the community we already have together to link you up with careers, jobs, part-time work, freelance work. Whatever you are after.

The premise is simple. We know that our readers (that’s you!) come from all over the place and from all walks of life. Employers and employees. Mamamia Jobs will bring you together. As we launch it will be free to place an ad for a job you need to fill or if you’re seeking work yourself. So you don’t have to wait. Upload your resume or CV now or jump on and set up the ad you need.


If you want a featured job ad that will get air time both on the main Mamamia home page and across the site – and at the top of the Jobs page – it’s next to nothing. Simple!

We’ve actually got two jobs going in here ourselves! So if you’re a Digital Designer or an Online Marketing Manager or know someone who is, send them our way.

Mamamia Jobs, it’s here!

And now we’ve all got jobs on the mind, what about yours? How many have you had? Highlights, not-so-great-lights?

I’ve had a few myself. In Year 12, much to the chagrin of my mum, I opened a computer store in my hometown with two friends. One was 23 so he opened it during school hours and then I’d go there after school and man the desk until about 9pm.

We had an on-call technician (my other friend) and I ran the business side of things. Very badly, I might add. At one point I hired another friend to come in once a week and vacuum the store for $20. We were so entrepreneurial.

The older ladies in town loved us because once a week we’d hold tutorials which is how I found myself late on Wednesdays teaching the retirement village lovelies how to use a digital camera and failing, for the most part.

Luckily I found my calling as soon as I finished year 12 and left to start my journalism cadetship. Business was so not for me.

As a journalist I’ve nearly been suffocated by bush fires, paid to sleep out all night in ticket lines in Brisbane, starved on stake-outs and nearly drowned in floods.

How about you? What’s your story?

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