Starting From Now is the lesbian drama you'd never see on prime time TV.

Starting From Now is a compelling and truly bingeable show about women, relationships and life.

It’s been billed as somewhat of a “lesbian love quadrangle” (say that three times fast) and follows four women, Emily, Steph, Kristen and Darcy, through their complicated lives in Sydney.

Each episode is only 10-minutes long, but that’s more than enough time to sink your teeth into the drama, love lives and hilarious moments these characters find themselves in.

Steph has just moved to Sydney to start a new career, but her dream job has a catch. Kristen and Darcy appear loved up on the outside, but on the inside, their relationship is building towards breaking point. Emily thinks she has feelings for Steph, but watching her new crush exchange sultry looks with Darcy leaves her feeling used and alone.

Mia Freedman talks about why she’s such a huge fan of the show. Post continues below. 

It’s the storylines and scenes you won’t be seeing on prime time TV, and that’s exactly why you should be watching it.

Starting From Now is the start of your new TV love affair. Get ready for a wild ride.

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