Today, Mamamia was a very different website.

The clock is ticking! Leonardo DiCaprio unlucky in love and desperate for a baby.

How does ScoMo juggle it all: family, fashion and foreign affairs?

Prince Harry debuts his post-baby body.

Why Dave Hughes is embracing his grey hair.

Andy Lee turns up the heat as he goes bra-free on a carefree stroll around Melbourne.

Keith Urban and Guy Sebastian locked in bitter feud and refuse to sit together over copycat outfit.

What do all these headlines have in common?

First, they're ridiculous. 

And second, they've never, ever been written.

Until today. On Mamamia

This International Women's Day, at Mamamia, we did something different. 

To draw attention to the absurd stories that still get written about women in the public eye, we crafted satirical stories about male public figures, using the type of headlines that are still, in 2021, exclusively written about women. 


We based our fictional headlines on actual headlines we've read about famous women, borrowing the unique type of language frequently used to describe how they look and behave. 

While your initial reaction to these headlines might be to laugh, we want people to pause and consider why there are certain narratives that only exist about women.

Whether it be about our bodies, our universal and unrelenting 'desperation' to have children, or the age-old question of how (and if) we can really 'do it all', these headlines point to a world where women are still profoundly limited by the gender expectations placed upon us. 

When you change these headlines - and in turn, these narratives - to be about men, they no longer make sense. 

So what does that tell us? 

This year's theme for International Women's Day is #ChooseToChallenge, and at Mamamia, we decided to challenge gender stereotypes, by flipping the script. 

These headlines took over our homepage, our social media accounts, and are even displayed on billboards around Sydney. 

By creating the stories that will never exist, we hope to shine a spotlight on all the stereotypes that do. And bust them - one absurd headline at a time. 

At Mamamia, every day is International Women’s Day. We fund the education of 150 girls in school every single day with our charity partner Room to Read, and our goal is to increase that number to 1,000. To help support girls’ education in developing countries, you can donate to Room to Read and contribute to a brighter future.