Mamamia gets a TV show

from the promo I clambered out of my sick bed to shoot this weekend….

I have some exciting news that I’ve been wanting to share it with you for a while now. Here goes. On Tuesday nights at 8pm on Sky News, Mamamia will be on TV. I’m hosting a weekly show on my favourite cable channel and I’m nervous like you wouldn’t believe.

The idea for the show – like – is to look beyond the news cycle to the stories people are REALLY talking about, at dinner tables, in cafes. pubs and office kitchens all around Australia.

I couldn’t be more excited because this show combines so many of my favourite things: interesting people, asking questions, live unscripted TV, Sky News and Mamamia.

I’ll be joined by three guests each week – many of whom you’ll recognise from their contributions on – and there promises to be some healthy differences of opinion. Just like we have here.

The show is being put together by me and news editor Rick along with Lana and an experienced TV producer called Steve (thank God) from Sky News.

I really like their style over there. It’s very stripped back and no fuss. DIY hair and make-up. BYO outfit. No autocue. Just an hour of TV to create some interesting content.

So please come watch tomorrow night at 8pm or IQ the show, get commenting and let me know what you think.

As I write this, I’ve been sick in bed with the flu since Thursday afternoon. I have pills and potions, vitamins, nasal sprays, puffers and tissues piled up on my bedside table. I practically rattle when I walk – which I can’t because I don’t feel well enough to walk. I hoiked myself out of bed on Saturday to film a quick promo for the show out at Foxtel and then collapsed back into bed.

Please send me healthy vibes for tomorrow TONIGHT!

Here are my  guests for the first show TONIGHT:

Jessica Rudd

JESSICA RUDD: Jessica, 26, is a Canberra-born, Brisbane-raised ex-lawyer, ex-campaign worker and ex-PR consultant who lives with her husband in Beijing. She has written the occasional column, a host of legal letters, countless press releases and one novel, the best-selling Campaign Ruby. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her second novel.


Angus Fontaine

ANGUS FONTAINE: Sydney-born Angus Fontaine has been a journalist for the Daily Telegraph, an editor of GQ Australia, an award-winning feature writer and the host of Discovery’s Five Star Insider. He brought global entertainment bible Time Out to Australia in 2007 and is currently Publisher of Time Out Australia.

Sue Cato

SUE CATO: Sue has been a leader in corporate communications and issues management for over 20 years.  She established Cato Counsel in early 2003 and has since built a team of communications experts from the fields of politics, the media and business.  She has worked with most of Australia’s leading companies. She is a committee member for Chief Executive Women, an organisation dedicated to greater representation of women at senior levels of Australian business, Art Month, a festival that celebrates the Sydney arts scene and is also on the board of the Melbourne Art Foundation. Sue is the Chairman of The Counsel Group and appears regularly on ABC’s Q&A, The Drum and ABC 702.


You’ll be able to participate in Mamamia on Sky News by leaving comments here during the show on a dedicated post for it each week

We’re going to give it a whirl for the next 6 weeks, see if I have any fingernails left by the end of it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and what have YOU been talking about over Easter that might make a good topic for the show?

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