Editor-in-Chief's fashion picks: Winter is coming... so let's go shopping.

Nine great buys for winter, including more than a few bargains.

I grew up in Canberra, where we’ve always lived by the rule that heaters go on immediately after ANZAC Day. And yet the erratic (read: drunken) weather hitting much of the east coast these past two weeks, the whole country is now rapidly transitioning to winter behaviour. And that includes total wardrobe overhauls.

While it’s tempting to wear jeans, a hoodie and ugg boots permanently for the next five months, cold weather doesn’t have to mean sacrificing variety or style. At the same time, all of us are guilty of choosing fashion over function on at least one occasion and spending a day with blue fingers, truly freezing toes and obviously erect nipples. And nobody wants that.

Here are 11 fashion ideas that are beautiful and functional to get you through the cold months ahead:

1. Winter coat from Sussan.

RRP $299.95

The last time I checked out Sussan, I was eight or nine years old and being dragged around the local mall by my mum. To be honest, I’ve always considered the brand old and daggy.

But then I dropped by their maternity section earlier in the week and woah… Sussan had a rather trendy make-over when we weren’t looking. I’m starting my new shopping relationship with them by buying this gorgeous camel coloured coat. It would go with just about anything, looks supremely elegant but feels like a cosy dressing gown.

2. Tweed panel dress from Cue.

RRP $365.00

Pricey, I know, but indulge me for a moment. This dress/coat hybrid is almost cross seasonal because of the length and the option to zip down from the collar. It’s a flattering a-line shape and would look great with a pair of black tights and ankle or knee-high boots. The geometric pattern is very on trend (according to my far trendier friends) and the splash of white keeps it from feeling too dark.

3. Leather gloves from Country Road.

RRP $99.95

Really, I’m a fan of this entire outfit but let’s focus on the hand-wear shall we? Gloves are the poor-cousin of the accessory world, considered by most of us only as a utility. But take yourself back 100 years and gloves were a staple of any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe. Let’s bring that back shall we? In future, I shall never be seen motoring with a gentleman friend, without my green leather driving gloves.

4. Granger throw from Matt Blatt.

RRP $78.00

Not technically fashion but homewares can be just as fun to buy in winter, so I included this one. It’s a really fun, bright throw for your couch, which makes lounging around with a steaming cup of Milo much fancier (and warmer) than it would otherwise be. Also, you can say the word ‘throw’ ala Kath and Kim every time somebody comments on it = hours of inane giggling.


5. Chunky knit snood from Target.

RRP $25.00

I’ve stayed pricey until now but you, dear reader, get rewarded with a bargain for sticking with me to number 5. A snood is a scarf without an end. If you’re a total dunce with scarves and tend to look like you’re a bloke with a meat pie at the footy rather than a well dressed dame, then these are your friends. I’m particularly partial to the dusky pink.

6. Cashmere v-neck sweater from UNIQLO.

RRP $109.90

Cashmere for just over $100? Yes, please. I own a few of these jumpers because they come in so many great colours. They’re lightweight enough that you can wear a shirt underneath without looking bulky, plus they’re really very warm. So long as you wash the cashmere as per the instructions, they’ll last for years.

7. Bonded pencil skirt from Witchery.

RRP $129.95

Leather is a friend of winter and plum leather… okay I don’t know where I was going with that. But this colour is everywhere at the moment – particularly for jeans and skirts – and there’s a reason for it: the tone is almost universally flattering. It’s a fun break from navy and black on the bottom during winter and the material won’t hug your wobbly bits too tightly.

8. Three quarter length sleeve stripe dress from Sheinside.

RRP $35.30   SALE $25.10

For the bargain-hunting ballerina-wanabee in all of us. Just add black tights, ballet flats and a bun.

9. Besties Fleece Cuff Trackie from Bonds.

RRP $49.94 (Buy any 4, get 40% off)

Yes, I am recommending track pants in a fashion story. Why? Cos’ trackies get a really a bad wrap and it’s not fair. They’re so deliciously comfortable, you’ve got that handy elastic waist to assist after indulgent self saucing winter puddings and by tapering in at the ankle, these aren’t actually unattractive. You could wear them outside and not just to yoga, really you could. I dare you.

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