The Mamamia team asked each other 6 questions. Let the oversharing begin.

Thanks to our brand partner, Riccadonna

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing brightens your day quite like sharing candid, funny conversations with friends.

It's also true that nothing kick starts a chat quite like pulling out the conversation cards. 

You may think you know all there is to know about your friends, but once you whip those cards out you'll be met with a raft of funny, surprising stories and honest opinions that may have never found their way to the table any other way.

This is why Mamamia has partnered with Riccadonna to create a conversation card game called 100 Timeless Talks in celebration of the brand's first 100 years of Italian excellence.

The game features 100 questions spanning 10 different categories and takes all the pressure off so you can enjoy reconnecting with yourself and your friends again. Especially after so many of us have spent months in lockdown.

Riccadonna is a firm favourite of Australian Sparkling Wine lovers and invites others to celebrate everyday moments with effortless elegance and style. So, when we found out we'd be working with them for this special project, to say we were excited would be a bit of an understatement. 

Here, five members of the Mamamia team have taken the 100 Timeless Talks card game for a spin, answering six unique questions and surprising each other with their very candid answers. 

What is your favourite occasion to enjoy Riccadonna Sparkling Wine?

Emily: “It’s the perfect after-work drink on a Friday night with your colleagues to celebrate getting through another big week.”

Katie: “I love to have a glass when it’s provided at a party. It's the perfect way to celebrate something special.”

Lucy: “My favourite place to enjoy a sparkling wine is on a picnic rug in the park with my girlfriends.”

Kee: “It’s my go-to Christmas and holiday drink when I’m celebrating with my family. It really makes those occasions special especially when we have not seen each other much during the year.”

Laura: "When I’m out for dinner with friends, ordering a glass of sparkling is the perfect way to kick off the night. Also, a glass of Riccadonna Sparkling Wine at home can make even a night on the couch feel special, especially when paired with your favourite movie.”

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What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Emily: "Watching season four of Sex and the City. It’s the best season of the series because Carrie finally accepts being single and goes on beautiful solo dates in New York City."

Katie: "Watching a combination of Love Island UK reruns and blackhead popping videos. (I'm sorry.)"

Lucy: "No guilt when it comes to pleasure. But I do love a shitty Hallmark film, even though they all have the same plot."

Kee: "Watching British drama thrillers, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. Can't stop. Won't stop."

Laura: "Mindlessly scrolling Instagram to my heart's content or listening to a trashy podcast that will rot my brain but soothe my soul."

Kee Reece and Lucy Neville celebrating everyday moments. Image : Supplied. 

What is the weirdest food combination that you love?

Emily: "Cheese on crackers with a dollop of curry. Pickled pork curry to be specific."


Katie: "Milk with literally anything."

Lucy: "Okay it's not a combo, it's an anti-combo. I hate condiments. WHY does everyone have to put sauce on everything? The base food is delicious enough."

Kee: "Peanut butter on toast topped with a Kraft singles cheese."

Laura: "French fries go with everything. With toast and sardines for breakfast, with ice cream for dessert, and with every cocktail in existence."

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What is something you’ve achieved that makes you proud?

Emily: "Co-hosting a podcast with my friend and co-worker Lucy Neville and living on my own."

Katie: "I started a business in a pandemic and got my head around accounting enough to not commit accidental financial fraud." 

Lucy: "Establishing a career for myself when I had no university degree and no idea where I was heading. And living on my own at 24. Pretty cool."

Kee: "Being in a healthy, committed relationship with my partner, Charlie, and co-hosting Mamamia's daily entertainment and pop culture podcast, The Spill!"

Laura: "Completing a survival course where I had to build my own shelter (and fire), and forage for food. Riding the Trans–Mongolian Railway from China to Russia and climbing through cannibal caves in Fiji. Just anything that has taken me away from the comfort of my home and shower."

Lucy Neville and Emily Vernew said their proudest moments are living alone and building careers. Image : Supplied. 


If you could, what strange thing would you make acceptable in society?

Emily: "Grocery stores should sell shoes. There have been many occasions where I have needed some emergency shoes and they’re not as accessible as they should be."

Katie: "Sex-positive conversations. I'm saddened on the reg by discovering people who are afraid to talk about sex. Conversations lead to a better understanding of all the nitty-gritty details, which in turn leads to better consensual sex for everyone."

Lucy: "Always being able to speak your mind."

Kee: "Not getting in trouble for canceling plans last minute! I don't need that guilty energy, pls."

Laura: "Brushing your hair in public places. My hair never sits right, and sometimes at events, I have to literally get under the table to fix it. It should not be frowned upon."

Katie Stow and Kee Reece share the worst pick-up lines that have ever come their way. Image: Supplied.  


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Emily: “Sometimes you just have to put on lip gloss and pretend to be psyched.”

Katie: "People always remember how you made them feel, so try your damn hardest to make them feel happy. (These are the wise words of my very angry housemistress at my British boarding school. She was a real piece of work, but occasionally dropped these life-changing nuggets of wisdom.)"

Lucy: "When it comes to heartbreak, both romantic and friendships, and moving on feels impossible: One day you'll wake up and realise you didn't even think of them the day before. Not once."

Kee: "Don't be scared to fail, it's only a small step in your story."

Laura: "Keep your eyes on your own paper."

To celebrate Mamamia's partnership with Riccadonna to launch 100 Timeless Talks, we are giving away 180 decks for you to enjoy with your friends. Enter the competition here.

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