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Best and Worst: Come and tell us how your week was.

Hi friends!

Welcome to another installment of Mamamia’s Best and Worst. If you’re new in town, this is how it goes:

I tell you the BEST thing about my week and the WORST thing. And then I pass over to you to do the same.

Let’s kick it off.


This week, I was incredibly excited to be invited by Ambi Pur to the Big Brother house. I, like most of Australia, was caught up in all the Big Brother drama this year and the experience saw me face to face with everyone’s favourite cheating love-rat, Lawson. Side note – turns out he doesn’t like to be called a love-rat.

In the diary room. Chatting to Big Brother. 

Ambi Pur took me to the house and invited five housemates back for a night of challenges, a house tour and a bit of a drink up in the backyard. I witnessed first-hand the serious love between Travis and Aisha, gossiped about Cat and Lawson with Skye, chatted long-distance relationships with Priya and told Lawson that yeah, I do kind of hate him.

Over a few wines I learned a couple of things.

1. The house is so much smaller than it looks on TV.

2. It is incredibly easy to forget that there are cameras watching you all the time.

3. Having a conversation with Big Brother is how I imagine talking to God would be.


Now for the housemates.

Skye was incredibly down-to-earth and very fun. She loves to gossip and didn’t seem to care that it was to a complete stranger. She spilled on how she and Leo haven’t really spoken since she left the house, and said she doesn’t get the vibe that Lawson and Cat’s relationship is going ahead.

Travis‘s voice isn’t actually as bad as it sounds on TV – and he and Aisha are very much in love/at least, still in the Honeymoon phase.

Priya is very intelligent and very sweet. She gave me her number and came out for drinks with me afterwards.

And Lawson. Lawson, who is ‘changing everyone’s minds about him each interview he does’. Lawson, who told me he still hasn’t spoken to scorned ex-girlfriend Candice Leeder. Lawson, who hugged me goodbye and said, ‘thanks for all the hate’. I didn’t want to like him, and by principle I really don’t, but he gave me some cooking tips so I guess he wasn’t all bad.

It was an incredibly fun night thanks to Ambi Pur and I had the best time hanging with the housemates and experiencing the Big Brother lifestyle, even just for a few hours.

Click through the gallery below for photos from the night. Post continues after gallery.

WORST: I’ve run out of good TV shows to binge-watch. Help me, readers. I’d love some suggestions.

Now it’s your turn! How was your week?