Best and Worst: Come and tell us how your week was.

“This week, I’m really missing my family…”

Hi friends and welcome back to Best and Worst. If you’ve started reading Mamamia because Rosie Waterland’s famous Bachelor recaps are back and you know nothing about Best and Worst, here’s how it goes.

This is the place on Mamamia where we come together and chat about the best and worst parts of our week. And then we count the hours until it’s socially acceptable to drink all the wine and look forward to a very late sleep in tomorrow.

I’ll kick us off.


Aside from the aforementioned Bachelor recaps returning (seriously, you can read episode one here and episode two here – you won’t regret it) my best was getting to chat to someone I admire very much – Actor and feminist, Matt McGorry.

You’ll know him from Orange is the New Black, where he plays John Bennett, or from How To Get Away With Murder, where he plays Asher Millstone.

But you might also know him from his social media accounts, where he tweets about feminism, equality, racial issues and transgender rights, among a bunch of other things. He’s absolutely lovely and you should all be very excited to read about him when our interview goes up on the site. Watch this space…



I’ve been really struggling this week. After a whirlwind few weeks spent celebrating my birthday and being with my family, I ran myself into the ground last week and came down with a terrible throat infection. After five days in bed surrounded by antibiotics and food, I’m so much better but my mood has taken a nosedive. I miss my family. I miss my home. I miss everything.

mamamia best and worst
Caitlin and her mother. Image: Supplied.

I’m spending this weekend keeping myself busy and trying not to be alone. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. It’s your turn – what’s the best and worst parts of your week? 

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