Mamamia's Best and Worst: How's your week been?


Exhale! It’s finally Friday and while I can’t say I’m exactly looking forward to the weekend, which includes going to work for some poor souls, I’m definitely on the highway to the good life that is not university.

It’s also that time of the week to relive our highs and lows through Mamamia’s Best and Worst, so give us the bad and better yet, the awesome, and let us know how you’re doing. Of course, being an intern at Mamamia is one of the best parts of my week, but take a look at the rest.

Best: I have rounded out my cheerleading career with two first place medals at my last ever competition this week. Competing gives you such a rush, but unfortunately I am unable to keep sacrificing my body to the proverbial hell that is cheerleading.

I am into my final week of uni, which means I will soon have a degree under my belt – like how even? – and I am on my way to becoming an adult. So adult, that I have filled up my nights next week with fancy events that I have been invited to, because it seems like people are starting to want me around, and that is awesome!


Worst: Unfortunately, my week wasn’t all good. It started off pretty terribly as I failed my full license test (see, not quite an adult). I didn’t even fail in the book part, it was the hazard perception test that has kept me on my provisional license. My lovely boyfriend then pointed out to me that that part of the test reflects my driving in real life. Read: I am a bad driver. Upon failing this test, I also screwed up my healthy diet by binging on mini cinnamon donuts, chocolate, chips, red frogs and Minties. I went all out.

On My Mind: Making a list of all the things I will be buying duty free at the airport when I go on a well deserved holiday in a couple of weeks.

Let it all out! How was your week?

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