Mamamia Best and Worst: How's your week been?

“You know things are pretty grim when the highlight of your week is a haircut.”

Welcome to Best and Worst – a space for the Mamamia community to talk about what’s been happening in their lives.

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I’ll kick-off the celebrations, debates, bemoaning and queries by sharing the best and worst bits of my week.

And then – it’s over to you, friends.


You know things are pretty grim when the highlight of your week is a haircut – but sadly, it’s true.

Last night I got inches of my dead, ratty, split-endy hair cut off into a low-maintenance long bob and I’m pretty stoked (shout out to Robin from Minx Hair Studio in Surry Hills).

The lob.

It was the first time I’d managed to get a haircut in a loooong time – I’ve recently moved house, plus my fiancé has been recovering from an operation, so I’ve been *selflessly* nursing him for weeks – so personal grooming has kind of fallen off the priority list.

So getting that chop? I’m counting it as a major life achievement right now.


I am NOT into sport – and yet this week, I found myself being obligated to watch not only the State of Origin final, but the Ashes AT THE SAME TIME thanks to my fiancé rigging up this genius set-up/object of my torture.

I know I could have done something else, but after the whole operation thing I’m trying to be extra nice (which I guess I’ve just undone by coming here and complaining to you guys).


Oh yeah – and THAT sport session was followed up by flicking between the Tour de France and Wimbledon.

Is this what married life has in store for me?


Over to you – what’s been happening in your world this week?

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