Best and Worst: "A little bit of Spain right here in Australia."

“Because sometimes you just need your Mondays to take you to Europe.”

Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst. If you’re new here, this is the place where we come and talk about the best and worst parts of your week. I’ll kick us off…


This week I felt like I was taken to Spain (while dining in the middle of Sydney). I was treated to traditionally made Paella – thanks to Spanish chef, Miguel. He tried to teach me how to cook the delicious dish – in one of the biggest fry pans I’ve ever seen – but I think I still need to hone my skills.

Cooking up a Paella storm with Miguel #moro

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I dined with a good friend, under umbrellas, serenaded by Spanish music, sipping red wine, eating tapas and finishing off with the scrumptious paella.

It was a Monday night and was the best way to start the week. Home cooking made for you – in a beautiful setting in Sydney. Because sometimes you just need your Mondays to take you to Europe.

Thanks for all the deliciousness #moro #moromoments

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My worst this week was finding out that our Government may have paid people smugglers to turn boats away from our shores.

I am sad to think our country may have given more money to people smugglers who risk innocent people’s lives and break the law. And that we may have done this just to keep people out of our country.

Okay, it’s your turn – what’s been the best and worst parts of your week? 

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