Don't panic, but we've made a Fantasy Bachelor game. Here is everything you need to play.

Gather your people and grab the guacamole, because Mamamia‘s Fantasy Bachelor game is HERE.

And while you can be damn sure our recap geniuses, The Twins are ready to dissect the living daylights out of EVERY EPISODE, along with our gals on our Bach Chat podcast, the real fun starts with you at home on the couch.

Every Wednesday and Thursday night, join Jessie and Clare Stephens for our Mamamia Ultimate Fantasy Bach on Facebook Live.



SAVE AND PRINT: The official sheet of Bachelorettes 

SAVE AND PRINT: The official scorecard 

SAVE AND PRINT: The official scoresheet

HERE WE GO! (Image: Supplied)

Fun, tongue in cheek, sometimes serious but mostly completely sarcastic, Ultimate Fantasy Bach is the game to play during this season of Channel 10's The Bachelor.

Here's what you need to know:

The game.

The aim: To score as many points as possible from all the weird and wonderful goings on in the Bachelor mansion.

The rules.

STEP 1: Pick your team!

Download our Fantasy Bach sheet of ledehs, then cut them out and choose out of a hat. The number of Bachelorettes you have on your team depends on the number of people in your group you have playing. If it's just the two of you playing, you'll have 11 Bachelorettes (at the start) each. No matter how many of you are playing, be sure to split the Bachelorettes between you as evenly as possible.

STEP 2: Watch The Bachelor!

If this needs more explaining, I'm afraid we can't help you.

STEP 3: Score!

Download our Fantasy Bach scorecard.

Whenever one of the Bachelorettes on your team does any of these things (e.g. holds hands with Matty J, says she's 'looking for love' or gets a single date card), you get the associated points.

Be sure to look out for the ALL IN POINTS for an extra leg up, and the BONUS POINTS Jessie and Clare will be dishing out throughout the Facebook Live each week.

STEP 4: Tally up!

At the end of each episode, tally your points on this scoresheet. Honesty is the best policy here ladies.

Come Finale night, the person with the most points wins!

So, now we're all on the same page, let the games begin!