Open Post: The Bachelorette edition.

Baileys Ice Cream
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Can I guess what you were doing last Wednesday night?

Crowded around the telly with your girlfriends watching The Bachelorette?

Me too. A group of us in here at Mamamia towers decided we were going to celebrate the first of The Bachelorette in style. And it should be known, when the Mamamia girls do something in style, well, we really do it in style. Before you knew it, we were booked into the presidential suite of the Sheraton on the Park — decked out head to toe, with all the roses in Sydney.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a very handsome man asking, “Will you accept this rose” — the ultimate moment for any Bachie fan come to life. Of course I said YES. A big fat YES.

mamamia bach party
The very handsome man in question. Image: Supplied.

After grabbing a few drinks, some nibbles and my very best Bachie Wood smile, it was time for the show and the games to begin.

We kicked off the fun by scoring the arriving Bachelors a generous score out of ten (#TeamRichie). And the one thing we could all agree on was that Sam Frost is the perfect choice for the The Bachelorette. She’s so genuine and down-to-earth, how could you not like her?


Tensions were high heading into the rose ceremony, so it only seemed right that we calmed our nerves with some Baileys Ice Cream in oversized glasses (trés chic and delicious, I highly recommend the chocolate variety).

mamamia bach party
Bel and Mel couldn’t resist the temptation. Image: Supplied.

After surviving the ups and downs of the rose ceremony, it only seems right to, er, have more of Baileys Ice Cream (I opted for the on-a-stick version this time round because I like diversity in my diet). Watching the premiere episode with the Mamamia ladies was so much fun and it really was such a fantastic night – I’m not sure how we’re ever going to beat it.

Now it’s your turn, do anything special for The Bachelorette premiere?

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