'The pregnancy vitamin shake that means I don’t have to battle morning sickness.'

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I can’t tell you how happy I am to be expecting my first baby in a few months. Overjoyed doesn’t even begin to describe. Ecstatic doesn’t really cut it either. After three years of struggling to get pregnant I’m finally here.

Happiness aside, pregnancy is blowing my mind. You should see my Google search history, it’s wild. To give you a little insight, the last thing I Googled was ‘green poo in pregnancy’.



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Back in the very early days of the first trimester my internet browsing was pretty much exclusively questions about how to deal with nausea and constipation. Sexy.

I also called on my mum friends to find out how they dealt with these delightful issues. One girlfriend got me onto a very clever product called MamaCare. It’s a pregnancy supplement in the form of a shake.

You have the shake every day as part of your routine. It’s vanilla flavoured (and really yummy), and can be made simply with about 200mls of water.

Personally I cannot get enough cold milk in my pregnancy (hence my newfound cereal fetish) so I’ve been having it with milk, and sometimes blended with strawberries or banana if I’m feeling fancy. It has replaced my daily Milo which I think is a small win in the nutritional stakes. I should note though that the product is made from milk and water is sufficient, so it all comes down to personal the taste and thickness desired. By adding milk, it changes the sugar content quoted on the packaging.

MamaCare review
Most days I just have it in a glass with milk, but sometimes I use the Nutri Bullet and add a banana, a few strawberries and chia seeds.

You probably want to know what’s in it, right? Put simply it’s a pharmaceutical-grade vanilla-flavoured pregnancy formula containing 26 vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are needed for mum (that’s me!) and for baby's healthy development. Oh, and you keep having it right through the breastfeeding stage, too, so no need to switch supplements at that time. Clever.

Back on the topic of constipation (I know you were hoping I’d get back to that!), it importantly doesn't contain any extra iron, which is a common cause of what clogs you up in pregnancy. Your doctor will be able to check your iron levels and let you know what you need in that regard.

Like all good inventions the product was born of a need - it was actually developed by two Aussie families after one of the family members struggled to be able to take a pregnancy supplement tablet when she was expecting.

The company is 100 percent wholly Australian owned, which is important to me when choosing what brands I support and which products I buy.

I’m told the formula also lends itself perfectly to making yummy bliss balls and now that the nesting stage has well and truly stated to kick in, if you need me, I’ll be at home cooking up a storm.

What have you found to be helpful during your pregnancy? Tips welcome.

Mama Care

Do you struggle to take tablets but want to ensure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy? Enter MamaCare, a pharmaceutical grade Premium Pregnancy Supplement specifically designed to help meet your increased nutritional needs before, during and after pregnancy. Easy to prepare, just mix 2 scoops of MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement into 200ml of water. It’s got a tasty vanilla flavour and is manufactured wholly in Australia using 100% Australian milk powder. MamaCare’s Nutritional Supplement Shake is simply a more nutritious and delicious way to take your daily pregnancy supplement.