Mama June goes on Dr Phil. Pretty much calls daughter a liar.


More news from the most concerning family on the planet…

In attempts to prove her innocence, Honey Boo Boo’s mother ‘Mama June’ has once again proved herself to be a liar.

Capitalising on allegations that she is dating the her child molesting ex-boyfriend who once attacked her daughter, it seems that Mama June is going on all the chat shows to defend herself.

And failing.

June went on Dr Phil on Monday, trying to convince the public that she is not dating Mark McDaniel, her ex-boyfriend who went to jail for ten years after sexually assaulting her daughter Anna. This was her defense:

“There’s some truths and there’s some lies that’s out there, and there’s the truth between that.”

Thanks for clearing that up, June.

The photo that June claimed was ‘photoshopped’.

There were photos of the two of them in bed together, but June claimed that at least one of them was photoshopped by gossip website TMZ (they denied it). She says all their meetings happened by accident.

June admitted her guilt for the situation, but also shirked responsibility by claiming she knew nothing of the situation, and then calling her daughter a liar.

“I do, in a way, feel like I failed to protect Anna, but I didn’t know. She admitted that too. I was at work when all this happened so I knew nothing. Nothing about anything, she never comed to me, anything, the whole time it was happening.”


“The only way I can fix that, is constantly apologize and be there for her through the situation. And try to move on from the situation. I know it’s hard to move on because she feels like she’s reliving it again, but it’s like, in some instances she’s lied about certain things too.”

Dr Phil didn’t buy it, as he told TMZ.

June also told Dr Phil that she wouldn’t let her daughter have contact with McDaniel. “I would never take my child around someone like that.” Except that last week she told Entertainment Tonight she had let her other daughter Pumpkin have a meeting with McDaniel, because Pumpkin had been raised to believe that he was her father and needed ‘closure’ (turns out, her father is a different sex offender).

In further denial, June is pretending that all of this is NOT the reason the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show was cancelled – instead claiming that she had mentioned to the producers that the girls were getting tired after 2.5 years of reality television, and the producers had offered to end the series.

We smell bullshit. And we are very much thinking of those children.

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