Step aside ladies. Male engagement rings are the latest trend.

Getting engaged any time soon?

Then your ring might not be the only one to consider – because apparently, male engagement rings are right on trend.

Many celebrities have jumped on the “mangagement ring” bandwagon, including Michael Buble, Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp. And it seems men in general are also increasingly keen to get on board.

Michael Buble shows off his "mangagement ring" during a show. Image via Getty.

Reddit user fizzbangpop recently posted about the fad, asking for advice. She wrote:

Hey all,

My boyfriend has been pretty seriously talking about the "Big E" and has been asking me my preference with rings and what I would like.

He mentioned (slightly jokingly) that he wished that there was such a thing as men's engagement rings so he could be a part of the engagement too.

I thought this was an awesome idea, but I've never really heard of anyone doing it.

Does anyone out there have any advice towards styles for men's engagement rings? I've been searching and haven't had much luck. The closest thing I've been able to find was this but boyfriend was thinking it would be something where he would wear both the engagement and the wedding band together.

Do any of you have something similar?

Judging by the responses, it seems male engagement rings are already surprisingly common.

According to the comments, male engagement rings are an established tradition in Chile and the Netherlands - go_nahuel said, "Here in Chile it's common for both men and women to wear plain bands as engagement rings on the right hand" while saint_aura added, "My fiance's Dutch grandparents both had engagement rings, which then became the wedding rings. In some cultures it's traditional".

male engagement rings
Male engagement rings are catching on. Image via iStock.

But they also revealed that the trend is catching on around the world.

jockeysdaughter wrote, "We did an engagement ring for him in a black matte. We checked out Etsy for ideas but ended up going into stores which did have several options" and Lindz2113 said, "A friend of mine and her husband did this. He got a band to wear while engaged, then a second band when they got married. He wears both together. I thought it was super sweet."

Each to their own - but we're guessing we won't see too many men sporting diamonds on their fingers just yet...

What do you think about male engagement rings? 

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