This is what Malcolm Turnbull's last night of being Prime Minister looked like.


As Scott Morrison begins his first moments as Australia’s next Prime Minister, we now know the grim way Malcolm Turnbull spent his last night as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister.

As Turnbull makes his resignation speech, Liberal MP Craig Laundy has given us an insight into exactly what transpired.

And as you might have guessed, there was a lot of drinking involved.

“I was with him last night,” said the MP, speaking to Kyle and Jackie O this Friday morning.

“We were having some glasses of red wine and champagne. He’s shattered basically, I would say.”

Joking back, Sandilands claimed he was “on the piss with the PM” and “going out on a blinder”.



His competitors spent their night in a similar fashion, and Dutton was photographed dining with Senator Mathias Corman who many say secured Turnbull’s demise when he made his shock resignation announcement.

Today, the former Prime Minister appeared alongside Landy and Senator Arthur Sinodinos, who returned to parliament despite being on leave as he battles cancer. Shortly after they entered the party room, a spill motion was carried out 45-50 before Scott Morrison was elected as the interim Prime Minister, beating out Julie Bishop and Peter Dutton.

Although, Laundy’s prediction of Bishop winning the leadership dispute didn’t come to fruition, he had this message for voters.

“The Australian public should be cranky with us. While we’re fighting among ourselves, we’re not thinking about them.”