CONFIRMED: Australia is headed to a double dissolution election.

Alright Australia, looks like we’re doing this.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull just confirmed he’s planning to pull that double dissolution trigger he was handed yesterday, which means we’re all likely to be fronting up to polling booths on July 2.

The PM said reforms to the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), now twice blocked in the Senate, “will be a trigger for a double dissolution election“.

“My intention is after the budget, an appropriate time after the budget has been delivered, I will be asking the Governor-General to dissolve both houses of the parliament for an election which I expect to be held on July 2,” he said.

“When we go to election, the Australian people will decide whether there should be an Australian Building and Construction Commission.”

Turnbull stopped short of telling us to start heating our BBQs for a nation-wide sausage sizzle on July 2, but said it is was a “very good assumption” that’s when the vote will be held.

He added, somewhat unhelpfully, “what I’ve said is accurate and constitutionally correct and I don’t need to say it again.”

So get get ready team, we’ve got at least 74-days of baffling slogans, Bill Shorten zingers, news polls, policy announcements and soon-to-be-broken promises to look forward to. Not to mention a budget coming on May 3.

Truly, there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.

Feature image: ABC

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