Australian senator claims some women think it's "wonderful" to be wolf-whistled.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has been slammed for claiming that some “girls” enjoy being cat-called.

The Queensland MP made the unfounded statement while speaking to ABC’s Radio National Drive host Patricia Karvelas about possible changes to the Racial Discrimination Act.

When Karvelas asked Roberts whether he thought verbal sexual harassment should be legal, the 61-year-old queried whether wolf-whistling was universally offensive.

“Is a wolf-whistle harassment? It depends upon the person. Some girls think that that is wonderful, they, you know, they smile,” he said.

Malcolm Roberts does not believe all women see catcalling as harassment. (Image via ABC/QandA)

"Others are offended. So, wolf-whistle in one court are we going to outlaw it, and another court we’re going to say it’s fine, a compliment?"

Karvelas sought to clarify whether Roberts thought sexual harassment laws went "too far" he agreed, but admitted that he hadn't seen the legislation.

"When it comes to verbal, as I said before, yeah," he said.

"I haven’t seen the sexual harassment laws so I’d need to read them (before considering reform)."

Listeners who don't consider being sexually harassed a "compliment" took to social media to voice their frustration.

But it was NSW Labor MP Linda Burney who put it best with her simple three-word response to Roberts.

Others agreed that what could appear like a woman's warm reception to some men was actually a fear response.

This isn't the first time the One Nation member has attracted criticism with controversial comments.

Roberts has repeatedly made his position as a climate change denier known, and on Tuesday compared Queensland to Saudi Arabia because of its alleged "persecution" of Christians.

Do you think being wolf-whistled at is a compliment?