Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle doesn't look so little anymore.

Who can forget the early noughties show Malcolm in the Middle, with the kooky Frankie Muniz growing up on our screens and his loveable family? No one. But that doesn’t mean you’d recognise the characters if they walked down the street now.

Particularly if you walked past Erik Per Sullivan, 24, who was just a tiny, baby-faced star by the name of Dewey during the show’s run from 2000 until 2006.

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Erik played Malcolm’s younger brother for 151 episodes, bringing his trademark musically-gifted self into the limelight.
But he doesn’t look like the Dewey we remember. And he’s certainly not eight years old.
Oh no.
According to trusted sources over at IMDB, Erik is now 24 years old with “a first-degree black belt in tae kwon do, a love of skiing, boogie boarding, building obstacle courses, playing games of paintball, and travelling.”

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While it would be true to say he hit his prime as a youngster, Erik did star as Timmy in the movie “Twelve” in 2010.

He has a Twitter and an Instagram account, which are hardly ever updated, so nobody is really too sure what he’s been up to. But last we heard he was attending the University of Southern California. Just being a regular 20-something millennial.

BRB, we’re just going to watch some re-runs.