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The allegation that will completely change the way you watch Making a Murderer.

The second season of Making a Murderer dropped on Netflix last month.

Its release reignited the debate over whether Steven Avery is truly guilty of the 2005 rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, or if he is once again spending time behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit.

On this season Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, appears to completely tear apart the prosecutor’s case.

She offers up another – more plausible – explanation for why Avery’s blood was found in Teresa Halbach’s car, as well as, another possible source of the blood.

She deftly raises questions about the “sweat DNA” found on Halbach’s car key.

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She completely destroys the prosecutor’s timeline of events – using cellphone tower evidence and new witness statements.

She even introduces several new suspects in the case including Halbach’s ex-boyfriend, a neighbour who had access to the Avery property, and two members of the Avery family who have a vested interest in keeping Steven Avery behind bars.

While many people fall on the side of Avery being an innocent man, some new evidence has come to light which might totally change the way you watch the series.


As reported by The Sun, Avery was accused of raping his 17-year-old niece one year before he allegedly killed Teresa Halbach.

According to Ken Kratz, the prosecutor on Avery’s case, the niece “remains emotionally scarred to this day” from the attack.

Kratz says Avery’s niece gave a taped statement to police, but decided not to prosecute after Avery was sentenced for life for Halbach’s murder.

“The assault was verified by those close to the Avery family,” Kratz told The Sun.

“The victim remains emotionally scarred to this day, haunted by Steven Avery’s assaultive behaviour.”

According to court documents sighted by The Sun, the alleged victim told police at the time that Avery forced her to have sex with him and threatened her by saying: “If you don’t do this, I’m gonna hurt you; if you don’t do this, I’m gonna set your house on fire”.

It was alleged that Avery pushed her down on a bed, held her arms down and pulled her pants off.

However, Zellner told the publication they have spoken to the alleged victim and she has denied she was raped. They believe the police report was a part of the conspiracy to frame Avery for the murder of 25-year-old Halbach.

“I think the police were actively coercing witnesses like Steven’s niece,” she said.

“The key point is that these charges were never pursued by the authorities against Steven Avery because the prosecutor did not believe he could win a guilty verdict.”

Kratz was unable to present the evidence in the original trial, as the judge would not allow it.

Zellner said it was “hugely unfair” for Kratz to go public with these allegations now, while Kratz believes Avery is a “sadistic killer” who should spend the rest of his life in jail.

One thing is certain – this is not the last time we’ll hear about the contentious case of Steven Avery.

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