6 makeup products every woman over 50 should own, according to an expert.

When it comes to finding the best makeup for your face - things can be a little... confusing. And as we age, the search to find our perfect line-up becomes even tougher. 

Cause y'see - different stages of life require different products. And you end up having to do a little (a lot) of digging to find what you really need in your makeup kit, and what's just... unnecessary.

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Once you reach your fifties and beyond, there are certain textures and formulas you'll want to reach for to help keep your skin it's smoothest, glowiest self.

And it's not so much about changing your look - rather, finding products that work with your skin instead of just covering it up.  

"Women over 50 don’t particularly need to tone down their makeup - they just need to be smarter with texture choices and always think of ‘lifting’ when applying product in fresh tones," said celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown.

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So, when you're next on the hunt for makeup, there are a few different products and formulations you should keep an eye out for.

Which is why we've asked Brown to tell us the key makeup products every woman over 50 should own. 

And while nothing in makeup is ever essential, you're sure likely to notice a difference in the appearance of your skin once you add some of these products into your beauty armoury.

Okay. Enough chat. Off we go!

#1 Best makeup product for women over 50: Hydrating serum.

A serum? In your makeup kit?? Yes, friends! 

No matter what your age, prepping your skin before you slap on makeup will help brighten your skin and keep it hydrated and free of flakes. 

You can even mix a couple of drops in with your coverage or apply it over makeup to refresh your skin throughout the day.


"Look for a good serum, preferably something hydrating and plumping to give skin glow and bounce to allow makeup to sit well longer throughout the day," said Brown, who recommends Olay Peptide24 Serum, $59.99.

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#2 Best makeup product for women over 50: Blurring primer.

Primers are the best way to smooth imperfections and boost the appearance of your skin, while ensuring your makeup doesn't slip halfway down your face during the day.

When choosing what kind of primer to go for, keep in mind that everyone's skin is different. However, for mature skin types generally something with the words 'hydrating' or 'blurring' will do the trick.

"A blurring primer can create the illusion of a pore-less and wrinkle-free canvas, by giving a blurred and smooth finish to skin under foundation."

Brown's pick? Makeup Forever Blurring Primer, $34.

Image: Sephora  


#3 Best makeup product for women over 50: Creamy peach blush that doubles as an illuminator.

Overall, Brown recommends opting for creamy textures over powders, as this will help the skin appear fresher and healthier. 

When it comes to blushes, he suggests looking for something that will also lightly highlight and sculpt the face.

"Rather than focusing on a highlighter product, which most could be too metallic and actually create more wrinkles if used incorrectly, try a cream blush that illuminates as well."

"Blush is used on the higher part at the apple of the cheek, so it lifts and can be very fresh, especially if it has a highlight effect."

Brown's tone of choice? Peach. "It works with all skin tones, giving both colour and warmth," he said.

Try: Charlotte Tilbury Peachgasm Beauty Light Wand, $60.

Image: Mecca  

#4 Best makeup product for women over 50: Brow pencil.

"When it comes to eyes, the first thing to address is brows. A nice (not too dark) pencil to give shape, density and lift to the brows (and therefore the entire face), is key," said Brown.

"Brows make a huge difference in anti-ageing, so give brows some colour and definition to create a lifted eye."


As for shades, this obviously depends on your hair colour - so don't go too rogue.

"Don’t try to ‘match’, just give density," warns Brown. "I usually avoid ‘warm’ tones for over 50s and use more taupe/ash shades."

Looking for options? Brown said he really rates Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil, $45 (and we do too!).

Image: Sephora  

#5 Best makeup product for women over 50: Nude eyeshadow palette.

As we mentioned before, there are no specific rules around beauty. Makeup is a form of expression and very much a 'you do you' kind of thing.

However, if you're looking for what kind of eyeshadow is the most flattering for mature skin, Brown recommends steering clear of anything that's too shimmery.   

"Avoid sparkly, overly metallic eyeshadow, as this can attract light and show more lines and wrinkles than you actually have," said Brown. Whereas matte shades "and a very light pearl pigments" can sculpt and "recede any unwanted skin/puffiness, and look super fresh".

According to Brown, Charlotte Tilbury Super Nudes Easy Eye Palette, $85, is a great option.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury  


#6 Best makeup product for women over 50: Creamy lip liner.

In terms of lips, Brown said a balm-like texture is best.

"Lip liner can really help accentuate your lip shape (or lack of for that matter!). However, I like lip products for over 50s to have a creaminess and a touch of shine, so a balm texture with pigment is great for everyday wear."

Try: Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm, $30.

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