Mega celebrities are sharing refreshingly honest selfies and it's relatable as hell.

Typically, you have to talk yourself through a spiral of extreme self-doubt and crashing self-esteem after seeing an image of a celebrity.

“No, her face must be airbrushed. Pores are a real thing.”

“Her legs can’t be that smooth. Stretch marks, not to mention cellulite, are also natural phenomena.”

“She probably has a whole team of leprechauns tending to her hair every minute of everyday. Hair can’t look like that when you wake up in the morning… Can it? Can it?.”

It’s like a “real skin = real pores” mantra every woman sings to herself after perusing a magazine or an Instagram feed. But this morning, we’ve received an oh-so-welcome reprieve.

Three celebrities have publicly shared images of themselves sans makeup and there are no tumbling questions of self-doubt required. Just normal, everyday skin.

Mia Freedman on her love for routine. Post continues below.

First, there is 42-year-old actress Drew Barrymore.

In the image she posted to Instagram, her eyebrows look like anyone else’s eyebrows: Aggressively growing in all the wrong places.

The reaction from fans has been splendid. The photo has been liked more than 90,000 times, and received hundreds of comments.

“Thanks for keeping it real and showing us you’re just like the rest of us mums,” one fan commented.

Then, there came the always fabulous and successful-Donald-Trump-baiter Chrissy Teigen.


She’s currently on her period and, like most women who have periods will understand, Teigen’s skin is covered in red blotches and burning, aching spots for the five gut-wrenching days of menstruation.

“Period skin, so mad,” the 31-year-old model shared to Twitter, alongside a video of herself poking and prodding and further-inflaming her irritated skin. A habit that proves all over again: she’s 100 per cent human.

Finally, there is Adele. Because of course there is Adele.

The 29-year-old singer songwriter, who’s just completed a world tour, was volunteering at IntoUniversity in Kensington, West London yesterday… Completely makeup-free.

She looks like anyone. Happy and herself… Pores and all.

What better way to start a Wednesday? No “real skin = real pores” mantra required.