3 makeup artists on the best way to apply foundation.

We all know the goal with foundation is to achieve that elusive, Houdini-like, your-skin-but-better kinda finish. 

Like, you want people to say, "Oh your skin looks all glowy and amazing!" not, "Hey, your foundation looks great!" You know?

But! Executing flawless foundation application is easier said than done. 

It's confusing to know what kinds of tools (so many options!) and techniques will work best - especially when you want to get on board the minimal time investment train, while still looking all zingy and polished.

So then, what's the best way to apply foundation?

Do you use a beauty sponge? A flat foundation brush? A stippling brush? One of those silicone thingos? Your fingers? ARE FINGERS FINE?

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That's why we asked some of Australia's leading makeup artists to tell us how they like to apply foundation, so we can all nail that flawless base, every time.

Alphie Sadsad.


When applying foundation, I normally have five simple steps to create a flawless base:

1. Prep.

Prepping your skin is very important as this will help with achieving a smoother and longer lasting finish. This involves using the correct moisturiser and sunscreen for your skin type. 

Tip: Skin should be supple and plump, and not wet or slippery to touch. 

2. Apply.

Start from the centre of the face (near the nose) and work your way out to the jawline and hairline - this will create more of a natural finish. 

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The correct tools will help you apply foundation evenly and streak-free. I like to use an egg shape sponge with a flat side for application, such as KITOLOGY KitSponge

For best results, first wet your sponge before dipping it into makeup. Use the back of your hand as a palette and bounce the sponge on to your face. 

3. Cover. 

Using the flat/pointed side, tap and apply a concealer under the eye area and wherever you need a little extra coverage.

Tip: After applying all your liquid and cream products, rub both of your hands to warm up and lightly press to help melt into the skin. 

4. Set.

Set your foundation with a loose or pressed powder by using a large powder brush. Spritz your face with a setting spray.

Mia Hawkswell.

I love and mostly use makeup brushes to apply foundation. I generally switch between synthetic and natural brushes, depending on the type of look.

I usually use a synthetic brush for placement onto the skin, then a fluffier natural brush to finish. In terms of technique, I'll use tapping motions and light circular motions to buff for a skin-like finish.

Of course, rules are meant to be broken! When I’m faced with a specific concern, for example dry, flaky skin, I’ll tap the product into the skin with my fingers. Pressing and tapping motions warm the foundation into the skin, making sure it doesn't crease or flake. This is also a good technique to use if you have peach fuzz.


Michael Brown.

I always start foundation application in the centre of the face, as this is where most of us require coverage. The centre of the face is also the area our eyes are drawn to first - it's such a visible part of a makeup look.

I use a foundation brush to apply sweeping movements, starting from the centre of the face outwards. Starting central guarantees a seamless blend of product, then finishing at the edges of the face means there will be no product build-up in sight.

For extra coverage (mainly under the eyes, cheeks and chin), I then use a beauty blender type sponge to dab/press and roll, building up coverage as needed.

Only cover what is needed (any areas of concern you can still see) after your initial sweeping layer.

Tip: Just because you have one area of the face that may need coverage, doesn’t mean the entire face also needs it!

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What's your go-to way to apply foundation for a flawless base? Tell us in the comment section below!