Makeup artist Alexis Stone’s celebrity transformations are incredible.

Video by Mamamia

There are makeup artists, and then there is Alexis Stone.

The UK drag queen could best be described as a makeup wizard for the way he so convincingly transforms himself into celebrities as if by magic.

Seriously, this is Stone, otherwise known as Elliot Joseph Rentz, after he spent about an hour in front of the mirror with some makeup and tools:

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No, that’s really NOT Jennifer Lawrence. It’s Stone sharing the best of his makeup mastery on Instagram, where he has built a cult following of more than 260,000 people.

Stone has transformed into everyone from Lady Gaga to Leonardo DiCaprio, to Queen Elizabeth. While some results are more spot on than others, there are so many images that you would swear on your pet Mitten’s grave were photos of the stars themselves.


Don’t believe us? Click through the gallery to see some of our favourites: (Post continues.)

And if you’re thinking these looks must have taken all day to create, you’re underestimating this afcianado’s skills, because Stone told INSIDER it only takes him 40 to 50 minutes.

What the transformations do require, however, is a lot of makeup.

“To achieve the transformations to the level I do, I use as much makeup as possible,” Stone told the website.

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And in case you wanted to try this at home, Stone provides a list of the products he uses in each post.

As someone who’s barely managed to create a smokey eye without looking like a panda, I think I’ll leave it to the experts.