One brilliantly simple trick to make your razor last longer.

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They’re expensive little suckers. Between buying the blades, changing the blades, and keeping them sharp, well, it’s a lot of money.

Then there’s always that moment you stand in Big W looking befuddled at the cartridges thinking “WHICH ONE WAS IT?” THE LADYBLADE 4 OR THE SLICK SHICKSTER EXPRESS? AND WHEN DID THEY SUDDENLY COST $18?”

If ONLY there were a simple way to extend the life of your current razor. Something to keep it sharp and shiny so that when you shave your legs every month *cough* it still feels brand new.

Enter Monz’s genius hack.

It’s something we all own. And chances are, it lives in your pantry (if it’s not in your pantry, it’s probably on your stove.)

Olive Oil.

Listen to Monz talk about what you do here:

Yep, the old olive oil.

To extend the life of your razors, keep them in a small shallow of olive oil. It stops them going rusty and they will always be sharp and ready to slough off your pubes. I mean, delicately tame your leg tendrils.

And did we mention cheap? Yeah. It’s a win-win situation.

Listen to the full episode of Mamamia OutLoud (and get some more life hacks from KDB) here:

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