There's a major flaw with the postal vote letters. Aside from the obvious.

Around the country, Australians are opening up their letterboxes to the crisp, white envelopes of the Australian Marriage Law postal survey.

And after spending $122 million dollars on getting this operation as right as it can be, the internet has pointed out a number of features the Government has gotten seriously wrong. Aside from the obvious.

A Facebook user highlighted the fact that the envelope in which we’ll be entrusting our votes actually fails at its one and only job – to keep our vote safe.

“So we have wasted $122 million on a survey where a torch can reveal the answer through the reply envelope it came with,” they wrote alongside an image of the letter exposed with torchlight.

The ABC has confirmed votes can be seen through their envelopes when shone with a torch, cementing the public’s concerns over vote tampering.

(Image: Facebook)

Twitter users have also exposed a further distribution issue after some have reported receiving several letters addressed to people who did not update their enrolment details.

"Big ups to the seven people that haven't changed their enrolment info and their vote mail came to my house," a South Australian man posted on Twitter.

"I get SO much mail for previous people who lived in my house. Every damn one of these is being opened and sent back as yes," another added.

Living, breathing people are relying on the outcome of this vote to decide their future happiness. We need to do better.

P.S. Make sure your vote counts, here's how.

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