8 genius ways to maintain your energy throughout the day.

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Our energy and time are some of the most precious commodities we possess in this increasingly fast-paced world. They’re like currency and the more you have, the better off you’ll be. Conserving energy means you make the most efficient use of your time and respect your need for a healthy routine.

1. Start with a nourishing breakfast.

I get it. This isn’t news to any of us, but that doesn’t make it any less important or any less true. Some days we just don’t feel like eating breakfast at all, but chucking a banana and some instant porridge in your bag before you dash out the door doesn’t take much thought. Choosing slow burn energy foods will help to keep you energised for longer and hopefully stave off morning cravings. Raw muesli with chopped banana is my preference (bland food is easier on my stomach in the mornings).

If that doesn’t sound appealing, it’s always better to eat something rather than nothing before you start the day. If last night’s leftovers are calling your name, listen to your gut.

"Choosing slow burn energy foods will help to keep you energised for longer and hopefully stave off morning cravings." Image: iStock.

2. Use coffee judiciously.

Everyone has a different level of tolerance for this brown, liquidy gift from the heavens. If you’re on say, three coffees a day, try replacing one or two of them with a low-caffeine tea of your choice. If you’re on five or more, you may need to question your life choices. The crashes you’re having in between each steaming cup are just not worth the highs.

3. Take little walks throughout the day.

This is particularly important if your job requires you to sit at a desk for the majority of your day. Try to get up and take a walk or do some stretches when you can. If you have to find a secret corridor or corner to really stretch out those hammies without flashing the whole office, I’m certainly not going to judge.

You can also choose to go to the coffee shop that’s a little further down the road or take the stairs instead of the lift. You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make to how energised you feel as the day wears on.


"You can also choose to go to the coffee shop that’s a little further down the road or take the stairs instead of the lift." Image: iStock.

4. Strike a portion balance with your lunches.

You’ll need to channel your inner Goldilocks here. What you’re after is something that’s not too heavy and not too light. You don’t want to eat so much that you require a daily siesta, but you also want to avoid a growling tummy an hour later.

Whilst it’s not a great idea to go for the 'unhealthy' option every day, if you really don't want that salad, don't torture yourself. Eat something that'll bring a little joy to your day. Looking forward to lunch is a sure way to make those morning meetings go faster.

5. Make friends with your water bottle.

First thing in the morning? Water. Just sat down at your desk? Water. Lunch break? Water. Sip it all day. You can never have too much water (well, okay, you CAN but if you’re capable of chugging over four litres in one day, you might just have a superpower).


And if you exercise, you'll need even more H2O. Image: iStock.

6. Snack strategically.

Combating three-thirty-itis is no mean feat and if you can do it without chocolate, coffee or repeatedly face-planting into your desk, I envy you. Nuts and fruit are a great way to keep up your energy levels and pep you up during this dead zone when your enthusiasm is waning.

7. Enforce a good night time routine.

Unwind. Get rid of the screens. Seriously. It's a work in progress for me but I know I sleep more deeply and feel more refreshed when I stop hunting Pokemon at least an hour before bed. What? It's addictive.

Get. Off. Your. Phone. Image: iStock.

8. Exercise when your body wants it.

This one’s all about choosing a time that works for you and your body. For me, it's the evening because that's when I feel full of the kind of energy that'll allow me to push through an hour of sweating it out to embarrassingly loud rap music. Some people feel ready and raring to go in the mornings but I find morning sweat-sessions nauseating. If you can squeeze in a lunch break gym visit or jog, go for it. As long as it gives you that boost you need, you’re on the right track for the perfect energy-conserving routine.

How do you maintain your energy throughout the day?

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