This TV host really felt it when a magic trick went wrong in the worst way.

What should have been a simple magic trick has gone horribly, horribly wrong for one breakfast television host.

Appearing on Polish television show Question for Breakfast last week, a semi-finalist of Poland’s Got Talent asked host Marzena Rogalska to participate in his on-air magic trick by slamming her hand down on one of three paper bags.

As part of the trick, one of the bags had a sharp rusted nail inside. And because life is cruel and unkind, it was this bag that Rogalska picked.

magic trick gone wrong

Rogalska readying herself for what should have been a simple magic trick. Source: Youtube.

Video footage from the program show's the magician counting Rogalska into the trick before slamming her hand down on the bag.

Within moments, Rogalska has let out an ominous scream and is curled over in pain.

Magic trick gone wrong in action. Post continues... 

Video via CNN

The magician, looking shocked, tries to calm Rogalska and holds her hand for a moment before moving off-stage.

Question for Breakfast has said that Rogalska was taken to hospital immediately and treated with a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

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