Magic Mike Live is coming to Australia so brace yourselves.

Can you think of anything we deserve more, after the mess that has been 2020, than Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Live show arriving in Australia?

Didn't think so.

Thankfully, in what is undoubtedly the best news of the year, Magic Mike Live will premiere in Sydney's Entertainment Quarter on December 17, ensuring we round out 2020 with... well, a lot of fun.

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Conceived and directed by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is a 360-degree live dance and acrobatic spectacular based on the hit movies Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL. Basically, it sounds SO GOOD.

In news that will come at precisely no surprise to all of us, Australians really loved the Magic Mike movies.

"The morning after we opened our first production in Vegas four years ago, we all talked about the crazy idea of someday putting Magic Mike Live in a tent and travelling around Australia. The fact that it's actually happening now is mind-blowing to me," Tatum said, announcing the Australian show.

"The tent and this new version of the show is more than I ever imagined it could be and I can't wait for our fans in Australia to see what we've created especially for them."

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The tour was initially scheduled to travel across the country earlier this year until the coronavirus pandemic paused performances.

Dubbo brothers Charles and Anthony Bartley are part of the Australian cast, and are ecstatic the show will be one of the first live entertainment shows to open in Australia following pandemic restrictions.

Charles said the show is all about female empowerment; designed for and curated to women's desires.

"We dance a lot but there are also a lot of other skill sets that the audience may not expect coming out of the boys, very athletic, a lot of extra stuff. Not just take off our shirts and dance.

"There's a depth to the show that I don't think people will be expecting. There's a lot to it. Not just hitting the dance floor night after night."

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Okay, consider us very intrigued.

If you're not in Sydney, don't worry, there will be plenty of shirtless men in your future too. 

The show is expected in Melbourne from June 2021, and is planning to touch down in Brisbane and Perth at some stage as well.

Magic Mike Live arrives in Sydney from December 17. Tickets, which begin at $75, are available now from magicmikelove.com.au

Magic Mike Live is a Covid-Safe venue and has flexible ticket exchanges available. For information on how it will keep you safe please visit the website.

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