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Magdalena Roze takes her baby son on very his first outing.

A baby’s first public outing is a big step for any new parents, as meteorologist Magdalena Roze and her fiance Darren Robertson recently discovered.

The doting parents took their newborn son Archie out in Byron Bay for the first time last weekend, visiting Robertson’s cafe, Three Blue Ducks.

Roze shared a photo on Instagram to mark the big occasion, with the caption: “First family outing on the farm!”

"First family outing on the farm!" Image via Instagram @magdalena_roze.

It was just one of a string of cute family snaps the proud parents have shared on social media since Archie was born nearly three weeks ago.

Just yesterday, Robertson shared a sweet photo of his fiancee kissing little Archie while he slept.

He simple captioned the photo "Love".

Image via Instagram @darrenthreeblueducks.

Roze has also shared snaps of her own, including a post-breastfeeding selfie of a sleeping and contended Archie.

The new mum seems to be determined to keep it real - in the caption for the below photo, she reminded other new parents that they are not alone, and discussing post-labour exhaustion, breastfeeding struggles, sleep deprivation and "projectile poos and wees".

Image via Instagram @magdalena_roze.

The couple are clearly besotted with their adorable son - and we don't blame them one little bit.

We can't wait to see more photos of little Archie as he grows.

Where did you take your baby for their very first outing?

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