Married At First Sight couples we want to stay together and those we're BEGGING TO SPLIT.

Our favourite reality TV show about people fake marrying each other is coming to an end.

We’ve been through A LOT with the gang over the past seven weeks, so naturally, we feel like we should have a say in whether they stay together or kiss their fake marriages goodbye and go their separate ways.

After all, we’ve been watching them on our TV screens and commentating on their relationships, and that basically makes us ‘experts’.

Married at First Sight ‘Hold the door’ on The Recap. 

Here’s our ultimate MAFS wishlist, of who should stay together and who should break up:

Susan and Sean: Stay together

YES. Absolutely. Susan and Sean need to stay together for the sake of humanity. They’re the most down-to-earth people we’ve ever seen on TV or in real life. Sure, there’s that whole long distance issue, but if everyone chips in $1 each, we could probably buy them a private jet, so they can make it work. Do it for love, people, DO IT FOR LOVE.

MAFS wishlist
Look at these two angels. GIVE THEM A JET. Image via Channel 9.

Sharon and Nick: Stay together

Sharon and Nick definitely have the potential to go the distance if Nick can just stay away from the booze and the strippers and Sharon can handle life without Michelle. Sharon also needs to open up to Nick and actually tell him how she feels. This one goes on the yes pile.

Michelle and Jesse: Nope nope nopety nope

Nope. Nope. Nopety nope. As we said last week, it's time for Michelle to let Jesse go. She's just not that into him and Jesse is pouring his heart out and getting nothing in return. She kept him around for another cringe-worthy week and we all had to sit through that letter about the doors, that even English lit professors could not decipher. And the farts, people, the farts.

MAFS wishlist
But I don't wanna open the door. Image via Channel 9.

Simon and Alene: Stay together

Simon and Alene are the dark horses of this entire goddamn competition reality TV show. However, their relationship could falter if Simon ever misses a hair appointment. He's going to have to schedule them well in advance and put a reminder on his phone. They're a yes.

Anthony and Nadia: Hell no

This is one relationship for the NOPE pile. Nadia is a goddess sent from Instagram heaven to find out all the gossip and she's not remotely interested in Anthony. Anthony, however, is very interested in Anthony, and we reckon they would make a perfect couple - it's a match made in horsey heaven.

Other reasons Anthony and Nadia should NOT be together - he called her frigid, he said she lacked direction and he said she has no boobs. EUGH.

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Andy and Vanessa: Lol nah

We've seen Andy start to come out of his shell during the series, like when he made that toast at the dinner party and the other time he talked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but we're not sure whether it'll be enough for extroverted Vanessa.

Vanessa needs a more outgoing guy who can keep up with her energy levels, and Andy needs a partner who will appreciate the fact he can lift a car with his bare hands.

MAFS wishlist
ME LIFT CAR. Image via Channel 9.

The Wildcards

Finally, in our 'expert' opinion, we think these matches could definitely work: Deb and a Polynesian (just saying, John Aiken), Cheryl and any contestant from the past two seasons of The Bachelorette, Anthony and Anthony, the experts and the word 'experiment', and Jonesy and an anger management counsellor.

Who do you think will last the distance? 

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