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Very important MAFS news: How Troy finally learned to properly brush his teeth.

It’s fair to say there were more than a few disturbing things that went down during the latest season of Married At First Sight.

There was that whole Dean and Davina thing and the time Nasser definitely, maybe got possessed by a demon.

Oh, and the fact that precisely ZERO of the couples ended up together and decided they would just swap partners with each other instead.

But there was one thing that was the most disturbing of all: the way Troy, a 34-year-old man from Sydney, brushed his teeth.

A friendly reminder that is sure to haunt your dreams for the rest of time:


But things are looking up for Troy. For one, he’s just moved to Melbourne to be with his ‘new’ partner Carly Bowyer (who was paired with ‘millionaire’ Justin on the show). The two have even hinted they are engaged and ready to marry for real.

And, it seems he has finally learned the proper (read: normal) way to maintain his oral hygiene.

Posting on Instagram, Troy shared he had popped in for a visit with his local dental hygienist, who gifted him with an electric (fancy!) toothbrush and gave him lessons on how to make his daily cleaning routine a little less… violent.

MAFS troy new teeth
It's like he's a different person... Image via Instagram.

"Learning how to tone down my over enthusiastic tooth-brushing technique," Troy wrote.

He even shared a 'before and after' video showing off his new skills:

Video via Instagram

It seems Troy's faithful fans enjoyed the MAFS star's ability to poke fun at his unusual habits.

"You crack me up!" one fan wrote, while another added: "I would like to give this girl a massive thank you."

We unpack some of Troy's weirder moments on the show, on our Married At First Sight recap podcast. Post continues after. 

There's one person we know for sure who'll appreciate Troy's new technique: his partner Carly.

While speaking to The Daily Telegraph last week, 32-year-old Carly admitted she made her beau close the bathroom door when it was time for him to brush his teeth.