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"This is... painful." Just all the best reactions to Stacey and Michael, MAFS' most awkward couple.

After a week of watching eight couples get fake married on TV, tonight we finally met the most unlikely pairing of the whole season, or dare we say, in the entire history of the show.

Yep, we’re talking about businessman Michael and lawyer-to-be Stacey.

Their wedding ceremony alone was all kinds of awkward. And yet we could. Not. Look. Away.  

Not only was Stacey wildly unimpressed with Michael’s Forrest Gump-inspired wedding vows, where he compared marriage to a box of (Favourites) chocolates, but his passionate performance of Baby Shark at the wedding reception was enough to tip Stacey over the edge.

That is until her bridesmaids did a little ~ investigating ~ and found out Michael just happens to be a very successful business owner. After that, something seemed to change Stacey’s opinion on Michael. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But Michael and Stacey weren’t the only couple that had us questioning all remaining faith in the experts. Sweet Mishel, who is sick of being cheated on, was partnered with Steve (aka John Aiken’s dad) who has most certainly cheated in the past. And likes to casually remind people of it.

We know opposites attract but something tells us both of these relationships aren’t going to last past their first fruit bowl fight.

And the rest of Australia seems to think so, too.

Here are the best reactions to the bizarre pairing that is Stacey and Michael.






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Featured image: Channel Nine. 

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