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Oh. A bunch of major MAFS spoilers that have just been leaked.

At this point we’ve completely given up on trying to steer clear of Married at First Sight spoilers. The show has been on our screens for a month and there have been approximately 6879 rumours in that time.

And whilst some spoilers are more dubious than others (like Lauren allegedly being pregnant to ex-Virgin Matt), others have been entirely legitimate.

But one rumour that has yet to be verified is whether or not there are intruders.

Well, you can now consider it confirmed. By a very credible source: Foxtel.

The company released the descriptions for upcoming episodes of the show on Foxtel TV Guide, letting us all know what’s ahead.

Posted by Instagram account @mafsfunny, the first description states, “A surprise wedding day, as two new couples meet and marry at first sight.”

The second synopsis, for Tuesday night this week, reveals, “The new couples head off on their honeymoons. There is a huge flare-up between Cyrell and Martha over a rumour about Nic.”

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Tap to follow the intruders! (Via Mirela) #MAFS

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The Instagram account also tagged all of the intruders on the post, letting us know that they will be: Susie Bradley, Tamara Joy, Billy Vincent and Daniel Webb.

The last synopsis, for the episode due to air on Wednesday night, says that there is possibly more couple swapping this series.

“Jess has her eye on another husband and his wife isn’t too happy about it,” the episode description reveals.

They’ve literally just leaked three massive series spoilers.

And just in case you want more of the show’s future to be ruined, @mafsfunny have also revealed who the intruders will be matched with.


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Coming soon to shake things up ????#MAFS

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The sixth season of this popular reality TV series has so far given us more plot twists than we ever needed, but it’s about to intensify even more if these synopsis’ are anything to go by.