A big Married At First Sight spoiler has leaked, and it's time people stop ruining it all.

There’s nothing more tempting to me than the words ‘SPOILER ALERT’.

Every single cell in my body knows that I shouldn’t click. That I shouldn’t spoil a reality TV show or a dramatic series I’ve dedicated HOURS of my life to watching.


It happened with Game of Thrones. It happened with Matty J’s season of The Bachelor. And now, it’s happening with the show that seemingly never ends, Married At First Sight.

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“EXCLUSIVE,” a headline splashed across news sites reads this morning.

There were references to a Wikileaks level “email leak” and promises that the revelation would “change everything” were made.

When a headline says "SPOILER ALERT" but then spoils everything straight afterwards...

And in just one click, a whole season of a show - a show which, by the way, it feels as if we've all been watching for approximately 757 years - was ruined.

(Because we're nice and don't want to ruin things for everybody, we're not going to tell you what this supposed 'spoiler' is. If you want to know for yourself, you can read it here. Enter at your own risk.)

LISTEN: Clare and Jessie Stephens discuss the latest episode of Married At First Sight...and Tracey's horrible rap 'game'. Post continues after audio...

This, of course, isn't the first time a spoiler for Married At First Sight has been shared online. Paparazzi have been stalking following the remaining couples (and even those that left ages ago...) for weeks attempting to 'catch them' flirting with, talking to or even BREATHING IN THE VICINITY of contestants who they were not partnered with on the show.


And, Australia has had enough.

"Why do media outlets ruin it for us? Story online today about a leaked email..." one fan wrote on Facebook.

"Talk about revealing the end to a mystery story. Shame."

Davina leaves MAFS
That feeling when you read a spoiler and have no idea why you've wasted 2843 hours of your life watching this show...

"Sadly, I am done and over this show. So bloody many leaks and reveals through regular and social media, what is the point of watching any more when we already know all the endings?" another wrote.


"I was addicted and looked forward to watching every episode. Now I am just sad and done."

We get it. When you've invested so much time and energy into something - yes, even a reality television show - it's a little soul-destroying to discover it may well be all for nothing.

Especially when you start thinking about all the things you could have been doing instead of watching complete strangers fake marry other complete strangers. Like, go to the gym. Reading a book. Or perhaps watching a series of nature documentaries. Or sleep.

But in the wake of the latest (and probably biggest) spoiler yet, there's something worth remembering: it's not over until it's over, and there is still SO MUCH we need to know.

Will Troy dump Ashley for a dolphin? Will Nasser's possession be the topic of the next The Conjuring sequel? And will Tracey and Dean form Australia's greatest rap duo and perform at the next ARIA awards?

These are the very important questions we have, and no amount of 'spoiler alerts' can stop us from continuing to watch to find out the truth.

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