Married At First Sight's Simon attacked for what he did after splitting from Alene.

Just days after it was revealed Married at First Sight‘s most popular couple had split, fans have flooded Simon’s Instagram account with criticism, believing he has moved on too quickly.

On Tuesday, the couple announced their separation after just months of dating.

“It was a difficult decision but we have decided to part ways,” the pair told TheFIX. “We remain the greatest of friends and we will continue to be part of each others’ lives. We thank you for your privacy at this time.”

Now, after reports Simon has moved on and is already on Tinder, fans have voiced their disappointment about this split in the comments section of his Instagram account.


“Already on Tinder hey? Classy,” one wrote.

“When did you two break up? Oh Simon why are you on Tinder?” another added.

Simon was quick to offer a response, saying the couple broke up “ages ago”.

“[We broke up] ages ago but the media has just caught up but we still see one another so go ahead folks and think what you like. I have a great friend from this and glad I met her,” he wrote.

The comments were littered with the opinions of a few more die-hard fans who believe the couple are meant to be together.

“Get Alene back Simon – she’s your soul mate brother – you’ll regret it if you don’t! Don’t let your stubbornness and/or silly shy awkwardness stop you from going after her!” one wrote.

“You won’t find another Alene Simon, trust me my love. This is wrong… u guys r wrong [sic] I’m sorry to say this but it’s not right,” wrote another.

It was about this time that Simon stopped replying, and perhaps for good reason.

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