In news that'll please his fake bride, it appears MAFS' Simon has CUT THE HAIR.

When 37-year-old Simon decided to try his luck on reality television show Married at First Sight, he no doubt assumed it would be his relationship in the limelight and not the mop of hair sitting on his head.

Alas, that wasn’t the case.

Deemed one of the most unlucky-in-love men the experts had ever come across and who was forced to undergo brain surgery in his 20s due to such severe epilepsy, Simon’s story had every ingredient it needed to make his *marriage* as romantic as a blind wedding can be.

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Instead, his new wife, Alene, a 31-year-old nurse, was more focused on the duo’s physical relationship, with specific emphasis on his hair.

“The physical attraction is not there, which worries me, because it’s important to have that in a romantic relationship,” she said on the show.

“He is not the type I would usually go for, I mean physically. I definitely like my men taller and stronger looking and the hair … I don’t really like it. The physical attraction is not there.”

Alene’s bridesmaids also weren’t particularly impressed, with one declaring he “needs to lose the hair” and another asking him if he had “ever chopped it off”.

And it appears the three girls may have had a little bit of sway, with an image emerging on Facebook from mid-January showing Simon with remarkably short hair.

The photo, which was shared on a Facebook by Ipswich Pro Drive Driving School, appears to show Simon with shorter and darker hair than the style he debuted on the show.

Image via Ipswich Pro Drive Driving School.

Could this be the strongest sign yet that the duo are still together?


But then again, it IS just hair...

Stay tuned, folks.