MAFS' Sharon speaks about her supposed "nude photo scandal" for the first time.

Married at First Sight star Sharon Marsh has responded on social media after New Idea published photos of the reality star posing topless, dubbing the images a “nude photo scandal”.

Writing on Instagram alongside one of the photos, Marsh implored the media to get their “facts straight” regarding when and how the images were taken.

“Before the show in disbelief my ex-fiance left me for my so-called friend,” Marsh wrote.

“Soon a free-spirited soul and I cross paths and enjoyed two full moons together until our journeys took us our separate ways. What I have left from our moments in time is his photography and his request for me to be his vision. That is all. Only memories. And content with his tasteful art in his joy for professional photography as pictured.”

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The magazine also inferred the 31-year-old would be seen as a “hypocrite” when the photos were made public, after she criticised her TV husband for admitting he goes to the strippers most weekends, suggesting the two revelations are comparable.

However, Marsh rejected the idea the images were in any way sleazy, telling the Daily Mail Australia that she was posing a for a photographer friend and that the photos are “wonderful memories”.

“I wasn’t posing for a stranger but for someone who I respected and who meant something special to me at the time and who saw the tasteful beauty in a woman’s body,” she said.

Do you think it’s unethical for magazines to publish photos like this?