We finally know what the future might look like for MAFS favourites Sarah and Telv.

With the experiment almost over, Married at First Sight contestants are emerging in varying states of emotional wellbeing (or distress).

Some couples have separated, others are still attempting to work through their very prickly problems (hi there, Tracey and Dean). But one couple is serving as a beacon of hope to viewers around Australia, proving true, experiment-induced, reality-television-fuelled love, really does exist.

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“I think after Sarah’s homestay I realised my feelings were becoming pretty strong,” Telv Williams, 33, told The Fix when asked about the moment he realised he was falling in love with his ‘wife’ Sara Roza.

(He also said the physical ‘milestone’ the pair passed that week certainly played a part…)

Sarah, a 38-year-old beauty specialist in Melbourne, agrees the connection between her and Telv is becoming more intense, and said she sees a strong future alongside the machinery technician from Perth.

“I think about the halfway mark I started to realise that I was falling in love with Telv,” she told The Fix.

“I honestly have such a great time with him, we laugh so easily and talk for hours.”

Sarah Telv MAFS kiss
This very well could be TRUE LOVE. Image via Instagram.

"I miss him so much when he isn't around and I'm seriously imagining the reality that this could now be my forever guy, my husband, my best friend and the father of our future children."

That's all very well and good as the season is still going. But now, with only a handful of episodes left, the pair are looking beyond, into the real world, and wondering how their newfound happiness will translate once the cameras stop rolling.

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"I've been really worried that once out in the big wide world Telv will be easily distracted or lose interest in us after the experiment is over," Sarah said, adding it's difficult to describe how it feels to build a relationship within the bubble that is reality TV.

As for Telv? His biggest concern is the distance between their homes - his Perth, to her Melbourne - and that she hasn't yet met his children.

"Those are the two things dominating my thoughts at the moment," he said.

Here's hoping these two can make it work on the outside, because they have the whole of Australia cheering them on.