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Just all the best Twitter reactions to Ines making her move on someone else's husband, Sam.

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It’s the Married at First Sight night we’ve all been waiting for (since Matt lost his virginity).

The partner swap.

Since the season began, we’ve been poised for the ~drama~ of one bride digging her claws into another woman’s husband, because reality television scandals are our lifeblood and we don’t even care how sad that is.

Let’s face it, if anyone was going to do it – it was going to be Ines.

This season’s villain has made no secret of the fact that she cannot stand her husband Bronson (and his eyebrow ring), and has made it abundantly clear that she wouldn’t mind trading him in for Elizabeth’s husband Sam – the male villain counterpart of the season.

A match made in, well, hell we suppose.

And tonight – she made her move.

While an unsuspecting Elizabeth went off to seek relationship advice from fellow contestant Cyrell, the message exchange began.

“He’s unhappy, I’m unhappy,” Ines said of hers and Sam’s relationships earlier in the episode.

Before she slid into his DMs with a message that was essentially a “you up” and good lord is this woman actually part reptile.

“I sent him a little message… hopefully he’ll text back and we can get a little flirty,” she plotted.

Sam responded, then she called him “bubba”.

And as the teaser for the next episode shows, they appear to call each other “snacks”, and please can somebody make it stop.

Regardless: It. Is. On.

Here’s how the glorious Twitter community reacted to Ines’ scheming ways: