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WE MADE IT: Here's the 16 best reactions to the dramatic Married At First Sight finale.

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We made it.

We finally made it.

After 42 and a half hours of Married at First Sight (yes, it’s really been that bloody long), we’ve finally crossed the finish line.

In the most dramatic two hours of television we’ve ever seen, we bid farewell to the 12 couples we’ve come to know in the past few months.

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After admitting that they had broken up during last night’s dinner party, Heidi and Mike were the first to face the experts.

Sharing their split with the experts, the former couple broke down in tears on the couch.

But things got even more dramatic when Elizabeth chatted to the experts without her former ‘husband’ Sam.

Once again, Sam had ghosted Elizabeth. Seriously, how many times can one man get chicken pox? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

After watching footage from their wedding day, Elizabeth learned that Sam had called her “big” and claimed that she should get running in the evenings.

Elizabeth Sobinoff
“I am just appalled." Image: YouTube.

“I am just appalled that he would just make it so free to comment on a woman’s weight,” Elizabeth responded.

Then, after irritating viewers Australia wide with their controversial cheating scandal, karma was finally served for Jessika and Dan.

After claiming she hadn't "have a crack" on any of the other men besides Dan, the experts showed Dan and Jess footage of Jess taking Nic aside to claim that she had feelings for him.

It was the best.

Here's all the best reactions to the epic finale of Married At First Sight.







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