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Exactly how much everyone is getting paid for this cooked MAFS reunion.

Hold onto your wine glasses because the MAFS all star reunion kicks off tonight. And it's practically guaranteed to be a hot mess. 

The two-part grand reunion special, which airs on Sunday and Monday night, will bring together the most memorable (aka entertaining) MAFS contestants for two drama filled episodes. And thanks to all the rumours floating around, we know we can expect tears, walkouts and yes, another wine throwing incident.  

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So ahead of tonight's premiere, we decided to round up all the goss on exactly how much the contestants are getting paid to appear in the reunion. Spoiler alert, it's... a lot. 

Here's the contestants walking away the biggest paychecks. 

Dean Wells


Dean Wells, who you'll no doubt remember from the season five cheating scandal, scored himself quite the deal to appear in the reunion. 

Speaking to Nova's Fitzy & Wippa last week, Dean explained that he turned down the network's original offer.

"I'll tell you the truth I got offered $2,500 for two nights and I said that's an insult," the 43-year-old said.

'"Double it and I'll think about it" and they [the producers] were like 'yeah, okay will pay you $5,000'."

Dean went on to say that he's "pretty sure everyone else got about the same", including Ryan Gallagher.

"Ryan Gallagher and I have the same manager who deals with that stuff and I'm pretty sure everyone is roughly around that amount."

Tracey Jewel


Season five's Tracey Jewel also shared exactly how much she's earning from the two-day shoot. 

In a recent interview with the So Dramatic! podcast, Tracey explained that she was paid "$3,000 like most other people".

When asked if she negotiated for higher pay, Tracey responded, "I'm not the negotiating type of person so I was happy with what they offered, because as I said I was just happy to catch up with everyone." 

"Whether others negotiated or not I don't know, but I do know that was what was offered to pretty much everyone."

Host Megan Pustetto also bought up that Telv Williams reportedly asked for $100,000 to appear in the reunion. 

"God what is wrong with these people. Like seriously, we're not Mark Wahlberg... we need to just calm down," Tracey replied.

While the pay might not be in the six-figure range, Tracey said she was earning more from the reunion than she did filming the season.

"At least it was better than the $150 a day we got paid when we did film," she said. 

"You can't complain with that."

Nasser Sultan


Nasser Sultan is set to stir up some serious drama at the reunion. But according to The Wash, he was one of the lowest paid contestants. 

The publication reports that Nasser "instantly accepted the $3,000 fee without thinking twice". 

Everyone else

According to The Wash, season six star Ines Basic managed to bag the biggest paycheck and a hotel upgrade for the reunion. 

All the other contestants are believed to have been paid at least $3,000. 

The MAFS reunion special will air on Sunday, January 31 at 7pm and Monday, February 1 at 7:30pm on Channel Nine. 

Feature Image: Channel Nine/Mamamia.

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