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A 'disturbing' Instagram video and a hectic 'open letter': What all the MAFS stars have said after that fiery reunion.

The two-part MAFS reunion is done and dusted, meaning our dear friends Jessika, Cyrell and Martha are once again gone from our TV screens, at least until the next time Channel Nine needs a ratings boost.

And while their screen time is over, the drama is... not. Because the cast of Married At First Sight don't need a TV for the drama, they just need an Instagram account.

Thankfully for all of us, those are pretty easy to come by - Nasser has at least six.

MAFS experts: Uncut. Post continues below video.

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The reactions, tea and responses from the cast involved in the reunion have been... wild over the last few days, so we've rounded all the post-show drama up for you in one convenient spot.

Because... drama.

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Michael's 'open letter' to Nasser.

There is only one topic that brings the entire MAFS cast together... and that is their mutual dislike of season five's Nasser Sultan.

He was put in his place multiple times throughout the reunion (not that it seemed to... work), and post-reunion Michael Brunelli has written an 'open letter' to him, and he definitely doesn't hold back.

"Most people aren't afforded the luxury of confronting their troll in person, mainly because trolls like you are too scared to meet in the real world," he wrote. ⁣

"However, with you it's less about being scared and more about you being a straight up narcissist to think this wouldn't happen when you walked in.⁣"


He addressed Nasser's claim that he was 'attacked' at the reunion dinner party.

"It was the real-life consequences of your actions.⁣ And you ran away.⁣ Literally.⁣ With your tail between your legs.⁣

"Why?⁣ Because you are weak.⁣ You are a coward.⁣ You are nothing.⁣ I truly hope that anyone that has ever been trolled took satisfaction in watching you run out of the dinner party, because I know I did.⁣

"Narcissists don't win.⁣ Trolls don't win.⁣ You didn't win.⁣"

He said Nasser has "no discernible skill or talent" and is "desperate for attention" and although he will likely continue to talk about the fellow MAFS cast online, "Australia isn’t interested in your voice, your ‘commentary’ or your bulls**t".

To end it, Michael said he looked forward "to hearing back from one of your seven fake profiles".


Jess and Cyrell's feud continues.

So much of the reunion was focussed on the drama between Jessika Power and Cyrell Paule, and there still hasn't been a resolution.

Quick recap: Cyrell was mad about past comments Jess made publicly questioning the validity of Cyrell's relationship with former Love Island contestant Eden Dally, because he'd previously asked her for a relationship for publicity. She also reckoned Jess had said their child was born out of publicity too, and that Jess was jealous of her after also having a fling with Eden.

It's a lot.


On Monday, Jess acknowledged she'd said negative things about Cyrell's relationship.

Image: Instagram.

Meanwhile, Cyrell and Eden responded to the backlash Cyrell received from the reunion episode on Instagram, saying Jess had bagged them for two years.


Watching Monday's episode live, Jessika and her boyfriend Filip Poznovic joked about Cyrell's claims that Jess was jealous.

"You know, I read an article today saying that she thinks I'm jealous of her relationship with Eden," Jess said.

Filip laughed and said "you have been stalking him lately on Insta".

"Oh yeah, baby I've got him all over my Insta. If you go to my closet over there you'll see pictures of him," Jess responded.

Jess provided a running commentary of the episode, saying Cyrell loves to "flog a dead horse" and has a "few roos loose in the top paddock", although she did acknowledge that Cyrell seemed genuine in her apology for throwing wine at her the night before.

On her own Instagram story after the show, Cyrell and Eden said Jess had been lying about the 'publicity stunt' relationship claims, with Eden claiming he had receipts. So uh, watch this space.

The Instagram video that everyone is talking about.

Speaking of Jess and Cyrell, a controversial video of Jess and another MAFS contestant badmouthing Cyrell and mocking her mental health has been circulating on Instagram. 

In the video, Jess, Ashley Irvin and Sarah Roza are heard discussing which MAFS stars will be attending the reunion. 

"I hope Cyrell fell over and broke her leg or something," said Jess.

"No, nobody wishes anybody bad," Sarah replied. 

Ashley then says "Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised," before Jess adds "For mental!"

Sarah goes on to say that "You don’t have to drive the karma bus, man".

Cyrell has since shared the video on her Instagram, where she called out her MAFS co-stars for "making a mockery of mental health".

"Sooo wishing I fell and broke my leg... Then we had I think her name is Ashley (I wouldn’t know. Was she even at the reunion???) and Jess making a mockery of mental health! And how I should be admitted. In this day and age. Mental health is not a joke," Cyrell wrote.


Jess has now apologised for the comment she made in the video, which she admits was "a b*tchy thing to say".

In the video, which has been shared by the So Dramatic! podcast, Jess explains that she's a "massive advocate for mental health". 

"The comments that were made in the back of that car were because Cyrell tried to follow me around five times at the reunion last night."

"I apologise, I would never mock mental health so I'm really disappointed that anybody would try to grasp at any sort of straws when their behavior has been blasted all over national TV for being embarrassing and degrading and you're grasping at straws trying to say that I mock mental health which I definitely 100 per cent do not."

Sarah, who originally posted the video, has also taken down it from her Instagram account. 

"I have removed my most recent IGTV video as it was requested to be removed by @Jessika_Power and @AshleyAirvin and I have done so out of respect for them," she wrote on Instagram. 

"I will tell my side of the story soon!"

"Even though it was not my intention, it has become apparent that the IGTV may have triggered some people."


"Suck on my breast feeding titties!!!"

Um, what a sentence.

Cyrell uploaded a very chaotic Instagram post addressed to the rest of the cast after the special aired.

"Suck on my breast feeding titties," she started the post, calling out "the contestants that questioned, judged or made a comment about my parenting".

"To the half of you that do have kids... why don't you worry about your child and I'll worry bout my own. And to the other half that had the nerve to comment when you don't even have a child: maybe if you had a child you would know how I feel... When you can point out to me the PERFECT parent, then I will gladly shut my mouth."


She said she was proud of who she was, and added a bunch of hashtags: #mothershaming #proudmum #perfectmummy and #shutupkarens, which I personally really enjoy.

"Apparently contestants were FEARFUL of their safety with me. Guys, I threw WINE not a grenade. 

"Let's not be so dramatic... don't worry, you all got an extra five mins of fame [by] trying to put it over the Cyclone."

Dean... actually does run bible classes.

Well, this is unexpected. One of the reunions more puzzling moments (besides precisely all the rest of it), was a conversation between Ines Basic and Dean Wells about Dean's bible classes.

Turns out this was not a... joke.

So Dramatic's Megan Pustetto went straight to the source for confirmation:

Yeah. So that's a thing.

The show may be over, but the gossip certainly isn't.

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