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"I have seen lawyers." MAFS' Poppy Jennings on what happened with Luke.

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Last month, Australia watched Poppy Jennings, 38, leave Married At First Sight because she “missed her kids too much”.

On the show, the photographer and mum of two-year-old twin boys was matched with FIFO worker and dad of two, Luke Eglin.

Ever since her departure aired on our screens, Poppy has claimed that Channel Nine failed to show the real reason she decided to leave her marriage.

“He was fake on camera and a complete dickhead behind the scenes, it was infuriating,” Poppy wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

“I was matched with someone that cheated on his wife. Didn’t live in the same state and wasn’t dad of the year by any means.”

Due to legal reasons, Poppy has been unable to share the full details of what exactly occurred that led to her leaving the show.

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On Sunday night, Poppy once again condemned Channel Nine’s treatment of her during a Q&A with her followers on Instagram. She hinted that the truth will soon be revealed.

“I have seen lawyers so I can say everything that I want to say without fear of defamation,” she told her over 30,000 followers. “I am working towards being able to tell the truth because it doesn’t sit well with me to shut my mouth over something that is so serious.”

Poppy added that on the day she departed the experiment, Luke was crying for a different reason to what was shown. Whilst the public was led to believe he was upset because Poppy was leaving, she says that simply wasn’t the case.

MAFS Poppy Jennings
Image: Instagram.

"The day I left MAFS, the reason Luke was crying was because I just confronted him on camera, none of which you've seen. We had a huge fight, the camera crew burst through the door and I was in the middle of yelling about exactly what went down that made me want to leave."

Poppy added: "The times I had said what he did on camera was never going to be shown. The girls started asking me questions about why I left and I started to get upset on camera. Then I got dragged out, told off, and wasn't allowed to talk about what happened with Luke because it was too controversial. I could never say my truth...

"I have had messages from his ex-wife, his ex-girlfriend, and someone he works with, all saying 'he's a dick'. He gaslighted me completely."

Due to legal reasons, Poppy is still unable to share the full details of what exactly occurred that led to her feeling so "uncomfortable" that she decided to leave the show.

Poppy has alluded to the fact that there was more to her exit from the show than just "missing her kids." Image: Nine.

Poppy previously revealed in an interview with News Corp that she left because she was "uncomfortable with some things that unfolded."

"I have had a particularly hard time with it because I didn’t get a chance to speak the truth of why I was so uncomfortable and so cold on that show."


The 38-year-old further added what production would say to her to change her behaviour after she refused to sleep in the same bed with Luke in the early days of their honeymoon.

"I was pulled up a couple of days into the honeymoon and basically told by production that 'Australia’s going to hate you. You are the next Ines, you’re treating him really badly. You need to at least sleep in the same room'."

Ines was a contestant on the 2019 season of MAFS, who received widespread criticism from the Australian public for her behaviour on the show.


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I want to give my boys the world, I want to give them a strong male role model to look up to. #MAFS

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Poppy said that upon returning home to her friends and family, she "didn’t get out of bed for three days."

It is reported that Luke Eglin denies any wrongdoing.

Last month, he responded to Poppy's aforementioned Facebook post in a statement, writing: "Honestly I am not going to comment about anything about this because she has blown up and she just needs her own space.

"She just needs to move on like I have and that’s it and that’s as good as it is. I don’t know where you are getting all of this from. We are finished on the show and that’s as far as it goes."

Feature Image: Channel Nine. 

This story was first published on February 23 and has been updated on March 9.