Married at First Sight's Nicole has responded to the backlash over her 'relationship' with Jono.

Alright, everyone cool your jets.

Can’t two former reality TV contestants from a show literally about tying the knot with someone you’ve just met, on national television no less, catch up for dinner without people jumping to conclusions?

Apparently not. And that’s exactly what happened when Married at First Sight‘s Nicole Heir and Jono “she’s not what I ordered” Pitman shared a meal together two days ago.

The Internet was abuzz with rumours after Heir posted a photo on her Instagram of herself and Pitman eating dinner on the Gold Coast with an entree of Chuffed Smiles, main course of Look How Close They’re Sitting, and a dessert of Cryptic Hashtags.

A number of people were also quick to slam Pitman for his ill-treatment of his former fake wife Clare during the show’s second season, prompting Heir to post an impassioned defence of her “new friend’.

“After my last post, I received a lot of negativity from people who haven’t met myself or Jono, who don’t know our real stories,” she captioned a second photo.

“People who don’t know what goes on off camera.”


Heir also made the very valid point that a person’s behaviour on a highly produced and edited television program is not necessarily any indication of their true character.

“Making nasty comments is morally wrong, everyone’s fighting their own battles and someday you could say it to someone who’s not doing well,” she said.

She ended the post by saying she’s free to eat with whomever she likes and post a picture “like normal”.

We’re not sure if there’s more to these two’s newfound friendship, but Heir recently described herself as “happily single“.

Regardless, her positive message is probably worth heeding.