Married At First Sight's Nick and Sharon have showed the world their matching tattoos.

Here’s a feel good story for anyone who loves reality TV and/or feet.

Married At First Sight alums Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy now have matching ‘I love you’ foot tattoos.

Yep, because there’s no better way to declare your undying love than by getting your hairy foot inked.

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Sharon posted a photo of Nick’s ‘I heart Shaz’ foot tattoo on Instagram this morning, promising to post her own matching ink soon.

“Who’s grubby foots that!!” she wrote. “NZ in Jan 2017 when I dared @nick_furphy86 to get a tatt.”

“Well…he didn’t even hesitate, but he almost cried,” she added.

In April, the couple told 9Now they got the tattoos earlier this year, while they were on holiday in New Zealand.

“Shaz and I might have a tattoo, we got matching tattoos,” Nick said.

“We won’t say where or what but yeah we got matching tattoos,” Sharon confirmed.


The couple met on this year’s season of Married At First Sight and at this stage, they’re the only ‘married’ couple still together.

Sharon’s Instagram followers were quick to comment on the post, remarking on the permanent love dedication.

“Geez hubby and I have been married 11 years and he still won’t get my name tattooed in him,” one person wrote.

“Nice one Nick, although should of been on your heart not your dirty feet,” added another.

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“Nick is awesome. It was obvious from the first moment you two met how much he dug you and you him. It was meant to be!!!! So happpppppy for you both! Thanks for sharing your love story.”