Married at First Sight's Michelle has explained the reason behind her sister's break up.

Married at First Sight’s Michelle has weighed in on her sister’s break up with her experimental TV husband Nick Furphy.

While certain elements of Sharon and Nick’s on-screen relationship might have people thinking Nick’s drinking and trips to ‘tha strippaz’ might have had something to do with it, Michelle insists that wasn’t the case at all.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the 32-year-old said while Sharon was ready to “settle down,” Nick wasn’t.

“She’s ready to settle down and have kids,” Michelle told the publication.

“She’s not a partier, she’s very down to earth and is looking for someone who is compatible and wants all of those things as well.

“I’m just not sure if Nick (was) the right one.”

Sharon and Nick’s break up became public earlier this week, when the pair spoke to New Idea about their relationship.

“I realised that I’m not in love with him,” Sharon said. “I really wanted it to work.”

“I wanted the butterflies and roses – but I also needed a deeper love.”

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Nick, 30, told the magazine, “It broke my heart. I started to shake and couldn’t believe what I was hearing”.

“I fell hard and fast and gave it my all. It has made me lose my faith in love a little bit.”

Michelle, however, said she’s happy with her new partner – a firefighter from Perth.

“Everything is amazing. We’ve got a little rental by the beach and we’re just so happy and in love,” she said.

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