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Australia reacts to Nic, the Married at First Sight hero nobody saw coming.

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In perhaps the biggest shock of the entire MAFS season, we’ve just learnt that not every contestant is desperate for screen time.

We’re… speechless, really.

Cyrell’s husband Nic actually turned down a fake television affair in honour of his fake television marriage and wow. We guess not all heroes wear capes.

(To be a “hero” on MAFS you pretty much just need to be… not an awful person, by the way).

It all went down at the dinner party, where the experts watched on with glee as the contestants downed cocktails and attempted to steal each other’s husbands.

Dance, puppets, dance.

Cornering Nic on the couch, in what we can only assume is a locked room, Jessika (yes, Jessika) made her move and good Lord we have never seen someone look so awkward in our lives.

No, honestly, he looked like he was going to explode, and then disintegrate into a pool of his own sweat.


But then... in the twist of a century, he turned her down.

"I'm married, you're married," he said, politely declining her... offer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

All of Australia right now.

Was it out of fear of Cyrell? Or Jessika? Or Martha? Or the experts?

Does he not realise that a fake affair on MAFS could launch his acting career?

Or... Is Nic just a decent guy?

We don't know, but Twitter sure had a lot to say about it: